Will Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther Expansion Save The Game?

Can Marvel’s Avengers be saved by the Black Panther expansion and the upcoming content revealed by the roadmap?

Black Panther expansion
Image credit: Crystal Dynamics

The Black Panther expansion and  what it brings to the game

A new hero, new outfits, new villains, a new environment. This expansion is the biggest content drop for Marvel’s Avengers. It sure packs a lot of content, but is it enough? I recently talked about the devs and their explanation for making leveling slower. That’s where I said the game needed more content not slower leveling.

We’re getting exactly that in this expansion. Expect to see:

  • New Villains
  • New Hero Outfits
  • Black Panther Hero
  • New Klaw Faction enemies
  • The Wakandan Jungle Biome
  • New Outpost
  • New Story
  • Power Level cap increase

Definitely a step in the right direction. However, Marvel’s Avengers has been struggling for a while. Many considered it a dead game soon after it launched. Passage of time didn’t help at all. But, Crystal Dynamics showed their roadmap and what it brings to the game.

What Marvel’s Avengers roadmap reveals about upcoming content

Crystal Dynamics sure have a lot planned. Tachyon Anomaly sounds like the funniest event. Players get to take the same Hero to take down bad guys. Just imagine, four Iron Men lighting up the place with lasers. Wasteland Patrol is the other exciting mission type where players explore the biggest War Zone. But, there are no constraints or restrictions of a regular mission. Just do your thing, complete quests, earn rewards, and have fun. There’s no pressure. Other content updates were also showed but they don’t sound all that interesting.

That’s not all. Post level 50 progression, multiplayer Megahives, more balancing, and better matchmaking. Yet, I still feel all of this won’t be enough to save Marvel’s Avengers. Improvements are made and a lot of content is coming, but maybe it’s too late. Then again, as long as the devs don’t give up on the game and let it die, it can recover.

Black Panther expansion
Image credit: Crystal Dynamics

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