Will We Get Alan Wake 2 Anytime Soon?


A fan of the horror survival genre? Then we hope that you at least heard of Alan Wake, a game with such a brilliant story and an excellent atmosphere that also shows what a real horror survival game looks like. The fans have nothing but praise for the game, which you can see if you read its reviews on Steam, so naturally, everyone wanted a sequel. Did we get a sequel, Remedy Entertainment? No, we expected to see an announcement for Alan Wake 2 this year at E3, but instead, they announced a brand new IP, Control.

Alan Wake 2

So, will there ever be an Alan Wake 2? Perhaps, as Remedy Entertainment said in a conversation with DualShockers that they would love to make a sequel to Alan Wake. So, why didn’t they? Why did they decide to go for an all-new IP instead? They said this:

“So we own the Alan Wake IP, yes. I just want to say right away that it’s very dear to us and close to our hearts. We all love Alan Wake at Remedy and I think all of us want to see a new Alan Wake game. I just want to say that out loud. Unfortunately, I can’t speak to it anymore than that. We’ll see what happens with Alan Wake next but we all want to see it happen, absolutely.”


From the looks of it, they want to make Alan Wake 2, at least that’s what they are saying, but it doesn’t make much sense that they would make a whole other game in that case. We just hope that we get to see a sequel to such an amazing title sometime in the future.

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