Xbox Exec Responds To Sony’s Belief’s About Fortnite and Cross-Play

For many gamers, one of the beliefs they truly hold dear is that the future of gaming will have much more Cross-Play titles. Meaning, that gaming will be one where you can play with friends, allies, or new people across ANY platform or system. While this was once a pipe dream, it’s now a reality because Cross-Play is real. Rocket League, Minecraft, Fortnite, and more are getting these capabilities. But when it comes to the PS4 and Sony, they don’t want others to Cross-Play with their system.

Despite claiming to “listen to fans”, Sony made a bold statement the week past and noted that “Fortnite is best played on PS4”, and that it was their “belief” that their system has enough players to satisfy all gaming needs without the addition of Cross-Play.

Needless to say, the internet erupted at the arrogance of this notion, and gamers weren’t the only ones, Microsoft got involved as well.


Vice President of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, quote the article that noted Sony’s feelings on Fortnite and Cross-Play and stated the following:

Still isn’t listening to gamers. All games should be cross play and progression with the right input flexibility and gamer options.

A fan actually questioned Ybarra’s response, noting that the PS4 has over 83 million consoles sold, so from a “business standpoint”, they don’t need to have Cross-Play with systems like the Xbox One who has sold far less than the PS4. Ybarra replied:

We run Windows and Console. Larger gaming audience who wants to play together. Gaming is diverse, if you only serve to bring joy to part of an audience then you are behind in many, many ways.

This is a serious issue, and one that is likely going to be talked about for some time. And it likely won’t stop being debated until Sony has either accepted Cross-Play, or gamers give up on trying to make them see the light.


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