Xbox Series X Is Coming With A Heap Of Exclusives

Xbox Series X, the newest gaming console from Microsoft got announced, and they’ve also announced a heap of exclusives for it.

Showcase video for Xbox Series X
Image credit: Microsoft

Enough with the “the new Xbox looks like a PC case” thing, we get it. I mean I’m not saying that it doesn’t, it’s just annoying to see everyone spamming this. It’s a new generation console, it comes with more powerful hardware so it needs space to fit all of that. Maybe that space is used to store all the exclusive games that are coming to Xbox Series X. As we all know, Microsoft started showing love for its PC community. This gaming giant bought a lot of studios over the last couple of years. Both small ones and big ones, and all of them are working on exclusive titles for the new Xbox console. Don’t worry, all of these games also get sold through the Windows 10 store. Certain ones even arrive to Steam for some reason.

Hopefully, this policy remains the same. I would be extremely sad if they decided to make these games available only to Xbox Series X owners. But, there’s also the Xbox Game Pass for the PC as well. So, I’m guessing that most if not all of the exclusives will be available for both PC players and Xbox Series X owners.

The Xbox Series X
Image credit: Microsoft

One of the already announced exclusives is the sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, which can be picked up on HRK Game for a great price right now!

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