Yakuza Franchise Will Remain Turn-Based

Series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi and producer Kazuki Hosokawa said the Yakuza franchise will remain turn-based for the foreseeable future.

Yakuza turn-based
Image credit: Sega

The Yakuza franchise always focused on one type of combat. Third-person bloody brawling that’s action-packed, intense, and quite enjoyable. That’s why Yakuza: Like a Dragon confused many when it decided to become a turn-based RPG. A wacky, over-the-top one with lots of insanity. A jarring shift that still impressed a lot of people.

A bold move, going from a gritty third-person brawler to a JRPG with memetastic abilities. But a success either way. That’s why Toshihiro Nagoshi and Kazuki Hosokawa announced in an IGN interview that the Yakuza series will stay turn-based:

“The Yakuza series has been transformed into a turn-based RPG. On the other hand, over the years, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio has accumulated resources and know-how of making flashy and exhilarating action games that are effortless to enjoy. We decided that we should let our signature action gameplay live on through Lost Judgment.”

For more brawling action Yakuza fans have Lost Judgement, which looks amazing. It’s a sequel to a Yakuza spin-off from 2018. Perfect for all those Yakuza fans that aren’t fond of the Yakuza’s new JRPG direction. Lost Judgement for action fans, and new Yakuza games for JRPG enthusiasts. Now, there’s just one issue. PC players can’t access Lost Judgement. Currently, the game’s arriving on the PlayStation only.

At least we know PlayStation’s decided to bring its titles to PC, starting with Days Gone. Yet, I have a feeling we won’t see Lost Judgement on PC anytime soon.

Yakuza turn-based
Image credit: Sega

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