Yes, Your Grace Review – Outstanding Kingdom Management, Horrible RNG System

Welcome to the Yes, Your Grace review where we go over this choice-driven RPG where you take care of a kingdom, a premise we don’t see every day and that’s quite enjoyable despite the fact that some RNG elements drag the gameplay down.

But before we get into the nitty and gritty, let’s answer the most commonly asked questions about Yes, Your Grace.

What is Yes, Your Grace?

Yes, Your Grace is an RPG that tells the tale of Davern, a medieval kingdom ruled by King Eryk.

Who made Yes, Your Grace?

Yes, Your Grace was developed by Brave at Night and published by No More Robots.

When did Yes, Your Grace come out?

Yes, Your Grace was released officially on March 6, 2020.

How much does Yes, Your Grace cost?

You can buy Yes, Your Grace for 16,79€.

Where can I find a cheap Yes, Your Grace key?

You can buy a cheap Yes, Your Grace key on HRK Game.

Yes Your Grace review
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Yes, Your Grace nails choice-driven gameplay

Yes, Your Grace is a choice-driven game that makes second-guessing one of the most exciting things I’ve experienced in gaming. Pretty strange, considering I don’t play many games of this type. But when a lot of people hang on to one of your choices, the stakes are very real. Yes, Your Grace and its gameplay are insanely stressful. Over time, all the little choices you made and thought were meaningless end up biting you in the ass. That’s why the second playthrough is much more nerve-wracking, as you weigh each SMALL DECISION AND THINK ABOUT HOW IT COULD AFFECT EVERYTHING IN THE FUTURE.

Yes Your Grace review
Image credit: Brave At Night

While some may not like this level of unpredictability, I find it very exciting. But Yes, Your Grace does feel too chaotic at times. Was it strategy or pure luck that got you out of trouble? I never managed to figure it out during my playtime for this Yes, Your Grace review, but guessing from the game’s other reviews, it seems like the results are always more connected to luck than anything else.

Prepare for a lot of resource management

Resource management is the name of the game in Yes, Your Grace. A few hours is all you need to complete a run. Things start off easy enough, with people coming to you for money, resources, or even asking for assistance. Resources are limited, so you can’t please everyone. You lose the game if you run out of resources. Players have to forge alliances with others to use another kingdom’s army or use some of their money upfront.

Yes Your Grace review
Image credit: Brave At Night

The decisions get heavier and heavier as situations escalate and war starts brewing. If Yes, Your Grace had a bit more variety in its gameplay loop; it would be a much better experience. As it is right now, you won’t play the game for 5-6 runs. At most, three runs are all you need to experience all the game has to offer.

Be wary of the choices you make

I enjoyed weighing the costs of various people’s requirements to see how conservative I might be from week to week. I sometimes played it safe and didn’t offer my services for anything other than emergencies. Other times during the playthrough for this Yes, Your Grace review, when I was confident in my funds, I took chances and assisted persons dabbling in witchcraft and others who were clearly not in the appropriate state of mind.

Yes Your Grace review
Image credit: Brave At Night

Without giving away any of the results, I can say that I was surprised at what pays off – but those shocks can be more annoying than satisfying because it didn’t feel like strategy was a significant factor in my decisions. I’d equate it to the feeling of not knowing an answer on a multiple-choice test and having to guess.

Sometimes you spend your valuable resources and only get a fraction of them back, or you have excess money and take a chance and get rewarded. It feels like a missed opportunity in a text-heavy adventure where the gameplay hook is being a king and making the difficult decisions, not to make the decision-making more rewarding.

Too much randomness

You can play conservatively, or you could blow all of your money right at the start. That’s the problem with Yes, Your Grace, as it’s a game that doesn’t know if it’s entirely random or not. While some decisions seem like completely insane things to approve of, you may end up a richer man because of them. Why? I have no clue, and I don’t think the game knows either. Some completely random events can also ruin your entire run as you can’t prepare for something that may or may not happen. While this random factor is quite annoying at times, it’s also quite hilarious at others. So it depends on your stance on RNG within these types of games.

Yes Your Grace review
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Can you make difficult decisions?

Yes, Your Grace paints grays and asks insightful questions despite these frustrations. Before one battle, I had to pick between two untrustworthy allies: one rescued countless lives on the battlefield but beats his wife, while the other is a liar (but that fabrication makes people feel better). Your Grace is a melancholy story without “positive choices.” Some endings are better than others. Having options doesn’t equal avoiding hardships. I was forced into horrific situations because I had no other choice. It feels dreadful, like when I turned away a starving village because I couldn’t spare funds or an agent to help them rebuild. Because I needed support, I sometimes connected with questionable characters. Even if this was upsetting, it works for your role — a monarch must always make sacrifices, and Yes, Your Grace shows this well.

Yes Your Grace review
Image credit: Brave At Night


Running a kingdom is hard, and Yes, Your Grace and its gameplay manage to paint that picture quite well. The overarching narrative forces you into really uncomfortable situations, but that’s how the world worked back then. Even as the kingdom prepares for war, the king has his three daughters that he loves more than anything. So while there’s a lot of doom and gloom, the bond between these four is very heartwarming.

While playing the game for this Yes, Your Grace review, I noticed that the game puts too much weight on your back. Yes, running your kingdom is overbearingly hard, but sometimes it feels like no matter what you did would change the tragic outcome waiting for you.
The gameplay formula can quickly become repetitive, but it’s intense in all the right ways (if we ignore the RNG, that can completely sour the experience).

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