You Excited For Might and Magic: Chess Royale?

The brand new Might and Magic game is called Might and Magic: Chess Royale that’s an auto battler for 100 players to enjoy.

Player versus player
Image source: Ubisoft

Ubisoft isn’t really keeping up pace with the current gaming trends. An auto battler where 100 players try to pick up units that will then automatically slaughter the units of other players until only one army remains standing? Isn’t this something they should have released mid-2019? Strange for a game like this to be released now, especially since the auto battler genre has one popular title, Teamfight Tactics, while Valve’s Dota Underlords isn’t doing too well right now.

Can Might and Magic: Chess Royale enter the stage and take the crown? Maybe, it’s coming with an “Optimised for 10-minute battles” promise. We also have units, factions, and Heroes to combine and form powerful synergies. Some talks of 1v1 modes and ultimates and spells can also be spotted on the game’s official website. Sounds promising, but can Ubisoft pull it off? Can they make a good game without toxic and aggressive monetization? We’ll see on January 30th, when the game launches on PC, iOS, and Android.

Units on the battlefield fighting each other
Image source: Ubisoft

While you wait to see if this game is any good, why wouldn’t you play a good game from the Might and Magic franchise? Heroes of Might and Magic V is one of the best titles in the series. Pick it up on HRK Game for an amazing price right now!

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