You’re Going To Climb Faster In Hearthstone When February Comes

Climbing the Ranked ladder in Hearthstone can be pretty tedious and boring at times, which is why Blizzard is changing that.


Hearthstone is a card game that is very easy to learn, and also quite easy to master. Nothing really difficult about the game’s mechanic or anything like that. That’s why we never played much of the game’s Ranked mode, which is almost always filled with the same decks. But, the new expansions do increase the deck varirety, but there are still issues with the aggro decks. Maybe when you reach the Legend rank and start going against really smart players, but in the lower ranks, any aggro deck can crush you with a good opening hand and then move to another opponent.

That’s exactly why everyone uses those kinds of decks at the lower ranks, in order to climb faster. No one wants to play an OTK Druid or Priest deck at Rank 20. Those decks need some time to get going, and that means that your climb isn’t going to be very fast. But, certain changes are coming to Hearthstone when the February Ranked Play Season starts which should help players skip through those lower Ranks quite quickly.


As you can see in the image above, certain lower ranks will only have three stars, some above those will have four, and the ones leading to Legend will have five. Climbing will be easier, but the later ranks are going to still be filled with strong decks and interesting matches.

Now, climbing the lower Ranks in Hearthstone is going to be much easier. Also, you still get reset four Ranks lower than the highest Rank you managed to get to in the previous season. But, now the excess Stars are going to align with these changes. Basically, if you achieved Rank 8 with five Stars, you’re going to be Rank 12 with four Stars.

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