Far Cry® 5
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Far Cry® 5
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Release Date: March 27 (Time in London, UK)

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The critically acclaimed Ubisoft shooter series returns to action with Far Cry 5.
Taking players to Hope County, Montana, you will be assuming the role of a deputy sheriff tasked with apprehending the radical preacher Joseph Seed. The people of Hope County face collapse according to Seed, and has appointed himself as the preacher (known as "The Father") of Eden's Gate; a congregation under the moniker "the Heralds" to be lead to eventual salvation. Beneath the surface, however, Eden's Gate are so much more, using methods of extreme violence and coercion as a military operation and doomsday cult. After the arrest goes awry, you'll find yourself torn between the conflict between Eden's Gate and the residents of Hope County in what promises to deliver a truly unique Far Cry experience.
Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and assisted by Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Kiev, Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Reflections, this latest sequel will use the Dunia engine, evolving on the CryEngine used for many other Far Cry titles. 
Far Cry 5 offers a rather unique twist compared to its predecessors. Although it is an open world action-adventure first-person shooter, players will now have the option to create their own character, with the option to choose appearance, gender and skin tone. Traverse the vast environment with a variety of vehicles including ATVs, boats, planes and muscle cars, all the while wielding an unmatched arsenal of weapons and gadgets to fend of the enemy including pistols, rocket launchers, explosives and devastating melee weaponry. 
The brand new recruitment system also allows players to recruit locals each equipped with their own unique ability to help out with the "Guns for Hire" system. In a similar fashion, Far Cry 5 adopts a similar feature found in Far Cry Primal with the "Fangs for Hire" system, in which you'll tame wild animals from the surrounding wildlife to carry out your orders.
Prepare for the return of one of the most exciting first-person shooter franchises today with Far Cry 5, in a brand new world filled with the danger and excitement we've come to expect from the Ubisoft series.


  • DirectX: Version 11
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Release Date
March 27, 2018
Action , Adventure
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