These are the questions that you may have about HRK too. We have sorted different sections of HRK for our FAQ.


My order is in the processing status for a long time. What should I do?
It usually takes between 1-40 minutes for your order to get completed. If it took more than 40 minutes, please contact HRK support.
My order has been completed. But I didn’t receive my keys.

HRK provides instant delivery service. So after your purchase, you should receive your keys instantly. If you haven’t received your keys yet, it means that your order is not completed. It can be on the processing status, canceled or rejected. You can always check your order status on the Order History page.

Why My order has been rejected by G2A PAY?

There are a lot of security reasons that may stop you from completing your order. Our advice for you is to avoid using any kind of VPN or any IP changer programs. After 1 hour, try again. For more information about this kind of issue, please contact G2A Pay customer support.

How many payment methods are available on G2A PAY?

There are over 30 payment methods available on G2A PAY. It includes all of the global and international payment methods and many local payment methods.

What is G2A PAY?
G2A PAY is a payment gateway that HRK uses for its platform.

Make Bundle

Where are the sources of the games that are available in HRK Make Bundle?
HRK is an authorized seller of games. All of the games in the HRK Make Bundle are supplied directly from Publishers or Game Developers.
How often new games will be added to HRK Make Bundle?

Every week we will add some new games to the HRK Make Bundle list. The number of games is not predictable and every week may be different.

How long the games on HRK Make Bundle are available?

No games on HRK Make Bundle are available forever. Games will be changed over times and there are always new games on HRK Make Bundle to make new bundles.

What’s the idea of the HRK Make Bundle?

There are a lot of websites, offering bundles of games and if you want to purchase only one of the keys in a bundle, you have to purchase the whole bundle. So HRK has invented a new system for consumers to create their own bundle with their desired indie games. Each customer can decide which game they want to make a bundle with.

Can I choose any game that exists on HRK for Make Bundle?

There is a list of games that you can choose your desired games on the HRK Make Bundle page.

HRK Mystery Key

What are the odds to win Triple A games on HRK Lottery?
HRK sorts the games to 2 separated types of games for the HRK Lottery System to pick the games from: (I) AAA Games: 1/10 odds to win (II) AA/A Games: 9/10 odds to win
Can I get a refund for HRK Mystery Key?

Considering the nature of a video game Mystery Key, it is not possible to make refunds. But in some rare cases, HRK may accept to attempt a refund for the user due to security reasons.

I already have the game that I won in HRK Lottery. What should I do?
You can simply trade your games with other users. You should place a trade offer on HRK Trade Center and wait for other people to trade their game with yours. For more information, visit this page.
How Hot Random Keys get picked on HRK Mystery Key?

HRK uses a unique algorithm to pick Hot Random Keys for HRK Mystery Key. All of the games will be picked randomly by the HRK Mystery Key System.

Hot Deals

Is there any expiration date for my games?
There is no expiration date for your games. In simple words, you will have them forever.
Where are the sources of game keys?

HRK supplies its game keys from different sources. Most of the games are supplied directly from Publishers and Game Developers. The rest is supplied from authorized video game distributors which have the license of distribution.

Why Store products are very cheap?

There are many factors that let us provide our consumers with the best offer on the products we offer: (I) HRK provides Digital Game Codes. Since Digital Game Codes have no shipment taxes and fees and there is no costs for digital games like physical packs. So it is easier to offer cheaper prices to HRK customers. (II) When it’s about pricing, the most important thing is about quantity. Since HRK has a wide range of audiences, Thanks to them, We can purchase high quantity game keys and break prices.

Does the bonus Hot Random Keys picked with the same algorithm that HRK Lottery has?

Yes, there is no difference between the Hot Random Keys on HRK Lottery that you win, with the Hot Random Keys you win on HRK Hot Deals.

Can I always get my desired game +BONUS Hot Random Keys? Or everything depends on chance?

You will always get your desired game that you paid for. You will also get up to 4 Hot Random Keys as a bonus which gives you the chance to have up to 4 more desired games!


What is HRK Gems?

HRK Gems is a new currency on HRK which you can use to purchase games, make your own bundles, enter to HRK Lottery and giveaways.

For the past purchases you made on HRK; you will not receive Gems.

How to get HRK Gems?

With every purchase you make on HRK, depending on the product price and some other factors, you will receive Free Gems. Please note that you will not receive Gems in purchases made on Third-Party websites.

How can I use HRK Gems to make a purchase on HRK?

You can simply convert your HRK Gems to HRK Wallet and buy anything you want on HRK.

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