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    Xbox One Users To Get Miramar Via PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Test Server

    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is distinctly in two forms right now. There’s the PC form, which is fully done but has certain issues that are being fixed. And then, there’s the Xbox One form, which isn’t fully done despite releasing in December. Many have complained that the Xbox One version is taking so long, especially with Microsoft […] More

  • Fortnite
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    Fortnite Streamer “Ninja” Breaks His Viewership Record During Event

    Fortnite has risen from simple “clone” of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or in some people’s minds, a “copycat”), to its own game with its own quirks and personality. To that end, many things helped contribute to its rise in power. One of which was Twitch. The game has the honor of being the highest-viewed game streams on […] More

  • Firewatch
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    Firewatch Developer Campo Santo Acquired By Valve

    One of the biggest moves a publisher of video games can make is to bring a new developer into their fold. This makes them exclusive to that publisher, which can lead to some interesting titles and possibilities. For the team at Valve, they’ve been mostly quiet on the gaming front, but promised that more games […] More

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    Is The Netflix Witcher Series Coming In 2020?

    Everyone knows about the Witcher franchise by know. Inspired by a Polish novel series, it quickly become one of the best RPG franchises on the market, with the Witcher 3 being their most successful and praised title. Now, we also know that we’re supposed to get a Netflix Witcher series, and we may finally know […] More

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    The Darwin Project Went Free-to-Play

    The Darwin Project is a really interesting game, as it combines your typical survival game with a battle royal shooter and puts a game master in there to spice things up. Think something like the Hunger Games, it has that sort of feel to it, and it really makes it stand out from other popular battle […] More

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    Ben Brode Says Goodbye To Blizzard

    Ben Brode is probably the face of Hearthstone, a man of immense charisma which you’ll love immediately as soon as you hear his contagious laugh. After ten years of working at Blizzard and its CCG, he decided that he wants to seek out new adventures, and so he’s leaving the company. This is definitely a shock, […] More

  • Bayonetta 3
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    Bayonneta 3 To Be Very Different From Predecessors

    Bayonetta is a franchise with a fascinating history. It’s been both praised and criticized for its main character. It had a successful first game, selling over a million copies, yet the platforms it released on originally didn’t pick it up for a sequel, thus giving Nintendo the chance to do it themselves. Bayonetta 2 was […] More

  • Wonderful 101
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    Platinum Games Wants Wonderful 101 On Nintendo Switch

    One of the surprising reasons that the Nintendo Switch is such a success isn’t just its unique 1st party lineup (many of which have sold over 1 million units), or the fact that it’s a place indie games sell really well (with more and more indie games being announced every week for it), but because […] More

  • Valve Steam
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    Valve Denied Its Appeal Of Its Australian Fine

    VIdeo games are a global thing, but there’s some things that slip through the cracks when you talk about making video games for the world. For example, there are laws that need to be abided by and upheld when you try and sell a game in their country. This is why very few non-Chinese made […] More

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    Is A New Xbox Console In The Works?

    Video game consoles have lifecycles, just like anything else. No console can last forever, not even with a long list of titles, because eventually, their age will show and gamers will want something new. Last year, Nintendo released the Switch, which showed that console games could be taken on the go and that graphics aren’t […] More

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    For Honor Gets A Training Mode

    For Honor amassed a lot of hype when it first got announced, and a lot of people played it when it first launched, but these days it feels like you can barely find a match in Ubisoft’s sword-brawler. If you want a game with excellent and intense swordplay, this is the title for you, and […] More

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