• Fortnite
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    Fornite Gets New Soundtrack Via Comic Book Movie Composers

    When making a video game, there are a lot of elements that go into it. First, there’s the look, as that’s what players will be seeing every second. Then, there’s gameplay, where you have to determine what people will be playing. Usually, people think the design process stops there. But it doesn’t. There’s a lot […] More

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    Twitch’s New Currency System For Overwatch League Has Massive First Night

    When Blizzard announced the Overwatch League, there were a lot of questions being asked. There were questions about teams, how the league itself would work, prizes, and of course, how people would view it. Well, just before the league officially started, Blizzard revealed an exclusive deal with Twitch to stream every single match in the […] More

  • Little Nightmares
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    Final DLC Chapter for Little Nightmares is Now Available

    Little Nightmares has dropped the final DLC on Xbox One, PS4 and PC as part of the game’s third and final chapter. The final chapter will be ‘The Residence,’ which sees more nightmarish encounters put upon The Runaway Kid, as he heads into the Lady’s private Residence. What makes this area even more intimidating is […] More

  • Metal Gear Survive
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    Metal Gear Survive Will Charge Players For Making a New Save

    Metal Gear Survive has come under a lot of fire for a wide range of reasons, predominantly because of it’s practices of microtransactions. In fact, when coupling the microtransactions with the price of the game, it is costing as much as a $50 game at launch for players. The title has now released, and it […] More

  • Fable Fortune
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    Fable Fortune is Now Available

    Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic have announced the release of Fable Fortune, which is available for free on Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10. Those who download the game at this early stage will also be able to get a free card pack each day for the first 10 days, and will also offer you […] More

  • Fortnite
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    Fortnite Hits 60fps in New Update

    Epic Games has utilized Fortnite to make it into one of the most popular games on the market right now. And it doesn’t seem as if they plan on slowing down, with the arrival of Update v.3.0.0. This update brings a number of new features, one of which includes the Hand Cannon. This is something […] More

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    Bungie Delays Certain Destiny 2 Updates

    If you look back at 2017, there were a lot of high-profile video games that didn’t meet the expectations of gamers in many serious ways. One of the biggest ones was Destiny 2. The sequel to the hit title from Bungie had a lot of hype going in, but via the beta and its launch, […] More

  • Final Fantasy XV
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    Final Fantasy XV PC Edition Getting Half-Life Gear

    So…this is going to respark¬†rumors about Half-Life 3 coming out, you do know that right? Ok, as long as we’re clear, let’s get back to the news. Square Enix revealed a lot of things today about the upcoming PC port of their acclaimed RPG Final Fantasy XV. This port has been a long time coming, […] More

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    Steam Founder’s Son Wants Valve To “Do Something Scary”

    Valve is a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, they’re a game development team that has made some of the coolest PC titles in the last couple decades, including titles like Portal, Dota 2, Team Fortress, and of course, Half-Life. But, they’re also a major part of the video game industry […] More

  • PUBG
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    New PUBG Skirt Takes 125 Years to Pick Up

    The PUBG test server has added new crates on the PC version, offering free-to-open Militia crates and pay-to-open Fever crates. The items that are on offer will certainly catch the eye of many players, particularly with the older generation with 70s and 80s fashion items being available. As cool as they may look, getting your […] More

  • Metal Gear Survive
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    Metal Gear Survive Forbids Players From Engaging in Online Relationships

    Love blossoming isn’t something new when it comes to online gaming. There are plenty of fairytale stories of players finding love playing their favorite games, though this is something that Konami are looking to avoid with Metal Gear Survive. According to the end-user license agreement, players are having to agree that it is strictly forbidden, […] More

  • Escapists 2
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    The Escapists 2 Adds New Prison With The Big Breakout DLC

    Team17 and Mouldy Toof Studio have revealed a new prison as part of the Big Top Breakout DLC for the sandbox escape game The Escapists 2. The official description from today’s press release reads: You wake up to suddenly find yourself trapped as a clown in a travelling circus, the ringmaster warden and strongmen guards […] More

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