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Back 4 Blood PC Review – The Left 4 Dead 3 We Never Got?
In this Back 4 Blood review, we dive deep into Turtle Rock’s newest game, the spiritual ...
October 18th, 2021
A Far Cry 6 PC Review
This Far Cry 6 PC review dives deep into the latest Ubisoft open-world shooter. How much is the ...
October 12th, 2021
Should You Buy Days Gone on PC? – Slow but Outstanding Open-World Zombie Game
Should you buy Days Gone on PC today? It’s a valid question, considering it’s one ...
October 7th, 2021
Should You Buy Orcs Must Die! 3? Excellent Action/Tower Defense Hybrid
Orcs Must Die! 3, the latest game in the series where you need to defend your base from a ...
October 6th, 2021
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