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Just Cause 4 sends rogue agent Rico Rodriguez into Solis, an enormous South American territory filled with oppression, hostile weather conditions, and all manner of conflict. You take the role of Rico as he goes on a mission to find out the truth about his past, no matter the cost. Equip your wingsuit, take your grappling hook, and prepare for utter chaos.

Just Cause 4 features the wingsuit which allows you to skydive, fredive, and base jump without any limitations. The weather conditions in the game aren't exactly ideal, as you will be fighting your enemies while huge tornadoes and tropical lightning storms ravage the land, which just means that the action in the game goes from 1 to 10 rather quickly, but these weather conditions can be used to your advantage.

Help the rebellion on their mission to defeat a hi-tech private military organization called the Black Hand. Gabriela Morales, a cunning, skilled, and totally unpredictable enemy is who you will be facing in Just Cause 4. The country of Solis has over 100 square kilometers of terrain filled with danger, secrets, and beautiful and lush environments. Your new tool, the customizable grapple hook will allow you to do all kinds of crazy stunts.


  • OS: tbc


  • OS: tbc
Recent updates

Avalanche Studios has unveiled a brand-new slice of gameplay footage from its upcoming stunt-action spy extravaganza, Just Cause 4 - this one showcasing the game's devastating tornados. According to Avalanche, these "fully physicalized" tornados are just one of four so-called Extreme Weather simulat...


Just Cause has been described as Far Cry s brash, dumb and lovable cousin. At least, that s how John described it when he blew up all those statues in his Just Cause 3 review. Judging by what I saw at E3, the next outing isn t so much leaning in to that reputation as it is diving into it headfirst w...


Alas, Just Cause 4 will not include an official multiplayer mode, developers Avalanche Studios have said following the drive-o-fly-a-shoot-o-explode sandbox’s announcement at E3 this week. None of the previous games in the series have officially featured multiplayer, so it’s perhaps not ...

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Release Date
Dec. 4, 2018
Avalanche Studios
Square Enix
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