My name is You. And it's the only unusual thing in my life

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  • My name is You. And it's the only unusual thing in my life

This is a novel with multiple plot lines, in which you only get to witness only a couple of days of a character who’s name is You. It may seem that except for his name, his life is nothing exceptional. That is if it wasn’t for a chain of events that fluctuate between his daily routine and an existential terror of reiteration. What is the most important part? It’s you and You facing inevitability.

This is you, and this – is You. Both of you have something in common – exceptionality in a monotonous moment of time, when meaningless decisions have to be made. Or meaningful, to such an extent, that there is nothing left once they are made. Who knows what awaits you around the corner – will you go to work in a continuous, 'almost-holiday' fever or wander in a labyrinth of crooked mirrors? Except for his name, it seems our character’s life is nothing more than unexceptional – there’s no room for miracles or cobwebs. The room is filled with office papers, some vaguely familiar family members, an ailing story of sensation, a couple of dropped lines and a sharp drop – a circle, inside and outside of which you and You wander. Open the letter, pick up the phone, speak up or step aside – and this story will gain new fractures and reflections.


  • Unique atmosphere and visual art that fully convey the gloomy mood of the novel
  • More than 10 alternative endings
  • Special soundtrack for each finale
  • Offbeat structure of the plot: the full story can be put together, only if a player lives through every possible situation

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36348625/31a9d366118d800a6e0b292ae47b41a3e83c23a4.png I’ve decided to update my debut project just to stay turned. I’ve got rid of excess visual noise and have tried to make the visuals closer to the original idea. Also, I’ve changed all the art and supplemented a few slides. Thanks for playing, reading and listening!






  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000


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