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What is Worms W.M.D?

W.M.D is an artillery turn-based tactics game.

Who made Worms W.M.D?

Worms W.M.D was made and published by Team 17.

When did Worms W.M.D come out?

Worms W.M.D was released on August 16, 2016.

How much is Worms W.M.D?

You can buy Worms W.M.D for $29,99 on The Microsoft Store. But you can buy a Worms W.M.D key on HRK Game for a lower price.


Buy a Worms W.M.D key and

Enjoy the thrills of the most destructive Worms game yet! A stunning hand-drawn 2D look, exciting new weapons, crafting, vehicles, and even buildings. Worms W.M.D has everything you need in a Worms game and much more!

The game has 30 challenging campaign levels for you to conquer with new and classic weapons. Vehicles let you wreak havoc among enemy ranks, and buildings provide tactical advantage on the battlefield.

Face up to 5 enemies in tactical worm warfare with up to eight worms each. Worms W.M.D offers both local and online multiplayer with ranked play.


Worms W.M.D and its Key Features:

  • Worms in 2D: Eviscerate your enemies in engaging Worms gameplay now shown in outstanding 2D artwork.
  • The introduction of Vehicles: For the first time in Worms history, vehicles are introduced. Use tanks and helicopters to sow death all across the battlefield.
  • The introduction of Buildings: The tactical advantage buildings give you cannot be ignored. Hide and plan your sneak attacks!
  • Crafting: Grab crafting crates and create demonic versions of items like the Bazooka Pie, Holy Mine Grenade, and Electric Sheep.
  • Worms Physics and Gameplay you Love: Worms W.M.D features a brand new engine. Fan-favorite entrants of the series and the reintroduction of the Classic Ninja Rope make this one of the most exciting entries in the Worms franchise.
  • Both Classic and Brand New Tools of Destruction: Worms W.M.D has over 80 weapons and gadgets for you to use. Slay the opposition with classics and new weapons like the O.M.G. strike, Unwanted Present, Dodgy Phone Battery, and so on!
  • Powerful Mounted Guns: If you're not happy with your weapon, there are now mounted guns placed around the landscape for you to use.
  • Both Single-player and Multiplayer Mayhem: Training Missions, Campaign Missions, and Challenges keep any single-player enthusiast happy while multiplayer even has ranked play now!
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