Furi - One More Fight
March 15, 2017
«You took so much from me. I will make you pay... A blow for all the ones you killed.» - The Flame Stand up for your freedom one more …
July 5, 2016
Official Soundtrack Furi all-original electro soundtrack composed by CARPENTER BRUT, DANGER, THE TOXIC AVENGER, LORN, SCATTLE, WAVESHAPER and KN1G…
Dec. 3, 2020
Does love really conquer all? Yu and Kay have escaped to a forgotten planet, leaving everything they knew behind. Play two lovers at the same tim…
Deceit - Starter Pack
March 31, 2022
They say you should dress for the job you want. But what about the game you already have? Enter our Starter Pack, which includes a rare outfit for al…
Human: Fall Flat
July 22, 2016
What is Human: Fall Flat? Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle platformer with a hilarious psychics system. Who made Human: Fall Flat? Human: Fall F…
Dead But Alive! Southern England
Oct. 2, 2015
Dead But Alive is a zombie survival adventure/simulation set in South England. After a lifetime of danger and daring in the remote battlezones of …
Of Love And Sorrow
Aug. 8, 2016
What is it about? It is 1841, twenty years before the American Civil War. The North is entering the early days of industrialization, while the So…
Prison Simulator
Nov. 4, 2021
- Experience life in prison in the comfort of your own home. Without any real-life consequences! - As a prison guard, your job is to maintain orde…
Feb. 4, 2022
An evil sorcerer reads the ancient book and invites an evil god to earth. It is necessary to eliminate this evil threat. And the fate of the earth is…
GameGuru - Fantasy Pack
May 19, 2015
UPDATES SINCE RELEASE In addition to the original DLC described below, we continue to add new assets to our DLCs based on community feedback. So…
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