Orcs Must Die!
Oct. 11, 2011
Slice them, burn them, skewer them, and launch them - no matter how you get it done, orcs must die in this fantasy action-strategy game from Robot En…
Orcs Must Die! 3
July 23, 2021
Orc Must Die! 3 Steam key is back with more orc slaughtering action, now with more mechanics, traps, and overall chaos! As the third entry in th…
Orcs Must Die! 2 - Family Ties Booster Pack
Sept. 26, 2012
Ever wonder where all the orc women are? Wonder no more! This second booster pack for Orcs Must Die 2 introduces deadly new enemies and fortresses. I…
Orcs Must Die! 2
July 30, 2012
You’ve tossed, burned and sliced them by the thousands – now orcs must die more than ever before! Grab a friend and slay orcs in untold n…
Orcs Must Die! 3 - Tipping the Scales DLC
April 7, 2022
In Tipping the Scales, the new Tuatara enemy race invades across five new maps including a new War Scenario! Bring your new gear to the fight to over…
Orcs Must Die! 2 - Are We There Yeti?
Oct. 31, 2012
Get your mittens out of storage because the War Mage and Sorceress are headed to protect the fortresses of the great white north! Defend the new Ice …
Orcs Must Die! 3 - Cold as Eyes DLC
Nov. 11, 2021
In Cold as Eyes, Warmages must now battle against the mighty Cyclopeans across three new maps! To help hold off the hordes, Cold As Eyes also adds ne…
Orcs Must Die! 2 - Fire and Water Booster Pack
Aug. 29, 2012
Leap back into the action and battle fearsome new enemies with this booster pack for Orcs Must Die! 2 Key Features Three all-new levels! T…
Orcs Must Die! - Artifacts of Power
Oct. 25, 2011
Expand your Orcs Must Die! arsenal with two new weapons and two new traps. With the Artifacts of Power in your spellbook, you’ll be demolishing…
Orcs Must Die! - Lost Adventures
Nov. 8, 2011
Think you’ve killed enough orcs? Think again! Return to the dead world beyond the rifts and conquer a new series of challenging fortresses unde…
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