Frederic: Evil Strikes Back
May 23, 2014
Defeat famous opponents in musical duels. Immense yourself in fantastic story of Frederic's endeavors. Catch all the Easter Eggs and subtle parod…
Frederic: Resurrection of Music
May 16, 2014
Step into Frederic Chopin's shoes, and embark onto an one-of-a-kind adventure through musical genre in this remastered especially for Steam enhan…
Violett Remastered
Dec. 13, 2013
The new ultimate version of Violett brings even more of the best point and click adventure fun, right onto your screen. In this expanded version you&…
Oct. 11, 2013
Iesabels' Internet connectivity is experiencing temporary problems. Due to the complexity of the issues, repairing it is time consuming and not e…
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