Alien Run
June 18, 2018
In a faraway galaxy, an evil creature of alien origin has built energy-stealing mechanical machines on six planets. Unless all of those machines are …
Invasion (Hipix Studio)
Sept. 19, 2015
In the near future, the land invaded by huge colonies of alien creatures. They're going to destroy all of mankind, and to consolidate their race …
Sept. 16, 2016
What Is Minimized? This first-person shooter with gameplay in the style of the 90s. In the game you will have to wait a huge variety of weapons and e…
Bloodbath Kavkaz
April 20, 2015
DESCRIPTION Bloodbath Kavkaz is an action-packed Top-Down Action based around russian culture, telling the story of Caucasian ex-killer named Sham…
Spakoyno: Back to the USSR 2.0
Feb. 15, 2016
Video games tell stories in various ways. Whether it's crafting new ones from new worlds, taking inspiration from history, or placing players in the …
Darconika: The Cube of Soul
Aug. 5, 2016
The main character Alan Traur, a mercenary. He was tasked to find a girl kidnapped by local vampire gang, but he decided to join "fangers".…
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