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Absolver is an online multiplayer combat game with exciting PvP and PvE elements, developed by Sloclap and published by Devolver Digital on August 29th, 2017.

The Adel Empire has been ruined, and its fall left a lot of things that could be of use to those that discover them. You play as an unknown person that just woke up from a long dream. There's a strange mask on your face, and you remember some parts of a secret ceremony. This mask that you wear makes it so that you no longer feel hunger or thirst, and death can't claim you anymore. This mask was made by the Guides, the powerful rulers of these lands that you're on. This is all one big test that will determine if you have what it takes to be a part of the ferocious elite corps of the Absolvers.

Absolver features intense real-time combat with four distinct tactical stances. Use bonecrushing attacks, evade the punches and kicks of your enemy, and parry any strikes that you can't dodge. Use the complex movement in this game to both avoid getting hit while also landing attacks on your enemies. Break a foe in an intense 1 on 1 duel, or participate in chaotic and immensely fun multiplayer melee battles.

Pick your own combat style, choose the weapon you want, and then arrange your attacks by using the Combat Deck. This way each player can customize the personal attack flow of their character. Absolver offers all kinds of combinations which you can use to customize your attacks to incredible levels.

Encounter other players in the world of Absolver and tailor your own stories by making choices. Attack a person you just met, or join up with them to explore ancient ruins that contain many secrets. Player interactions and choices will create all kinds of situations, both positive and negative, depending on how you approach them.

Buy Absolver now and enter an action-packed world with a highly complex melee combat system, detailed character customization, and more.

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