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Adam Wolfe is a game in which you play as a supernatural investigator that is on a dark quest to discover what happened to your sister who has disappeared all of a sudden. The game was developed and published by Mad Head Games on October 7th, 2016.

Adam Wolfie is the man you're playing as. The melancholic streets of San Francisco are yours to explore. Obscure and secluded corners hide both crime and supernatural events. Your job is to investigate and discover what happened to your sister. You're the only one who can help her now.
There is always a bigger plan at works. Work through many mysteries and see the bigger picture. That just may also be the way to find your sibling. But also the way to dive into the abyss and never come back.

Be cunning, be smart, and always remember, when all else fails you can use your six-shooter. This grim psychological thriller has more than 8 hours of gripping gameplay, twisting story, and impressive characters. Many supernatural secrets await you in these 4 Adam Wolfe episodes. There is nothing in this game that can't be done when you put your mind to it. Forgotten covenants, strange and secret societies, and things people only mention in fantasy are featured in Adam Wolfe.

Buy the game today and witness 53 immersive and stunning locations made with extraordinary and vivid artwork. Unravel a complex and intriguing storyline as you use special case-solving mechanics to work through challenging puzzles.

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