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Aim Hero is a game, but more of a practice program that allows users to fully train and upgrade their firing accuracy if they want to perform better in various FPS games. ProGames Studio developed and published Aim Hero on September 5th, 2016.

Ever wanted to improve your aim in games like CS: GO, Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, Overwatch, and so on, but you never manage to get in a match that gives you enough time to practice? Don't worry, Aim Hero is the perfect game for you, as it has mouse sensitivity settings imported from various other shooters so that you can select that one and train your aiming. That's not all, as there are 8 training modes for you to go through and slowly but surely work on your timing and reflexes, and there are 3 difficulty levels in each of these so that even the better marksmen have something challenging to do.

Even if you aren't sure if your aim is improving or not, not to worry, there is a detailed statistic after each completed training that lets you see your performance in detail so that players know what they're improving and what they should focus on. Your best scores get saved automatically, and you just have to aim to be even better and sharpen your skills for the next match of your favorite FPS!

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We've returned feature that was accidentally removed in last update - stretched resolution for Aim Hero. Even more: now you could set all parameters inside of the game using Fullscreen Mode dropdown and Use Custom Resolution toggle. - Exclusive Fullscreen: means game window will try to fill whole screen and will stretch if its not fit correct. - Fullscreen window: means game will fill whole screen, but if its resolution is not fit correct - game will add black bars on sides. - Windowed: means ga...


Hello, everyone! Thank you for staying with us! Here's the list of features we've add or change: In the video settings, you can select from the FOV presets which are defaulted in the following games: CS:GO, Overwatch, Paladins, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, Quake Champions. Added a mouse X and Y axis sensitivity modifier. The ability to set the minimum and maximum spawn range of the next target in the reflex mode. The next target can not spawn closer than the minimum range and further than ...


Hello, everyone! First of all, we want to say thank you to everyone who took part in the beta testing of the new Aim Hero update! With your help the new update will have fewer errors :) Update # 5 is already available for everyone! What's new? Added the ability to turn on the third-person view! The V button by default. Added new weapons: sniper rifle, machine gun, projectile g...


Hello, everyone! We know you have been waiting for this update, so we apologize for keeping you waiting for so long. Our team has grown significantly, and it took us some time to solve the problems related to it. Nevertheless, we have created a wonderful team, and now we are concentrated on developing new content for Aim Hero. The new update is ready. It is at the stage of internal testing and will be available soon. We would like to tell you about all the details of the upcoming update in this ...






  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor: 2.2 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 350 MB available space


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