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Description: From Remedy, the masters of cinematic action, comes a 3rd person action game filled with overwhelming odds and desperate near escapes. When the wife of the best-selling writer Alan Wake disappears on their vacation, his search turns up pages from a thriller he doesn’t even remember writing. A dark presence stalks the small town of Bright Falls, pushing Wake to the brink of sanity in his fight to unravel the mystery and save his love. With the body of an action game and the mind of a psychological thriller, Alan Wake is a pulse-pounding thrill ride.

Presented in the style of a TV series, Alan Wake features the trademark Remedy storytelling and pulse-pounding action sequences. As players dive deeper and deeper into the mystery, they’ll face overwhelming odds, plot twists, and cliffhangers. It’s only by mastering the Fight With Light combat mechanic that they can stay one step ahead of the darkness that spreads across Bright Falls.

With the body of an action game and the mind of a psychological thriller, Alan Wake’s intense atmosphere, deep and multilayered story, and exceptionally tense combat sequences provide players with an entertaining and original gaming experience.

Many video games try to do horror and mystery, but few are able to deliver, Alan Wake though will be the exception to that rule. As you'll have to wander and contend with an entire town known as Bright Falls, a town that was built in game to be 100 square kilometers, and you can explore all of it!

The light is your greatest weapon, and you'll have to use it well if you want to survive the town and what inhabits it. You don't have to fear the dark, but it might be wise to be cautious of it.

Solve puzzles, find clues, and figure out what is going on. But be wary, for creatures of the night will try and find you, fight you, and stop you. Be ready for anything by arming yourself with weapons so you can beat back the dark, and shine a light on the truth.

В сети появилось еще одно подтверждение готовящегося выхода c на Nintendo Switch.


Канал ElAnalistaDeBits опубликовал технический анализ всех версий вышедшей вчера Alan Wake: Remastered для консолей Xbox, а также сравнил переиздание с оригинальной игрой на PC.


Вчера спал запрет на публикацию обзоров Alan Wake: Remastered. Обновленная версия психологического экшен-триллера Remedy Entertainment удостоилась похвальных отзывов от прессы.


Словно по закону жанра история писателя Алана Уэйка всегда обрывалась на полуслове. Дютировавшая в 2010 году оригинальная Alan Wake финской студии Remedy Entertainment была результатом сложного производственного цикла — концепция переживала множество итераций. Добравшись до релиза, игра сплотила вокруг себя уверенную базу поклонников, развернув перед ними увлекательную и мрачную вселенную, оставив множество хвостов для потенциального продолжения. И продолжение действительно планиловарлось — спер...


Long before Jesse Faden and the denizens of Control were losing their minds over sentient fridges and rubber ducks, Alan Wake was doing unholy battle with possessed logging tractors and combine harvesters. In hindsight, it seems obvious that these two worlds would eventually collide in Remedy's newly established Wake-iverse - such is their shared love of shadowy, flying objects - but back in the dark days of 2010, little did we know that Remedy's tortured horror writer would be making such a big...





  • OS: Windows XP SP2
  • Processor: Dual Core 2GHz Intel or 2.8GHz AMD
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible with 512MB RAM
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 8 GB HD space
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible



  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Quad Core 2.66GHz Intel or 3.2GHz AMD
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible or later with 1GB RAM
  • DirectX®: 10
  • Hard Drive: 8 GB HD space
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Dmitry Smirnoff
Dmitry Smirnoff
It's a great horror esck game
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