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  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Nintendo 3DS

The franchise of Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo's most addicting series. Players get lost in the fun of living lives as the adorable characters from the franchise, and seeing just how fun and eventful life can be. Now, you'll get to take these experiences to a whole new level in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

What makes New Leaf so unique? Well, as you move to a new town, you find out that you're the mayor! Yep, you just move in and you're already in charge, lucky you! With this new power, you'll not only be able to live your life, but be able to help influence and guide the town to new heights.

Another thing that makes the game unique is the fact that every single day is special, every single day brings something new and fun that you'll want to try and enjoy. So you can't get bored, because there's always something new and fresh to do!

Since you're the mayor, what you say goes! You'll be able to design the town in whatever way you want. You'll help decide how to expand it, if you want to. Or what businesses should go where and why. Make your town the happiest place in the land, or the busiest place in the land.

Plus, with other players playing Animal Cross New Leaf, you'll be able to see their homes, get ideas for new things to do, and much more. The fun is everywhere in this game, and you can make the greatest town ever if you're willing to go the distance!

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