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  • Anno 1503 Gold Edition
  • Anno 1503 Gold Edition
  • Anno 1503 Gold Edition
  • Anno 1503 Gold Edition
  • Anno 1503 Gold Edition
  • Anno 1503 Gold Edition
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About This Product

Anno 1503 - Gold Edition includes Anno 1503: The New World and its expansion Treasures, Monsters & Pirates.

ANNO 1503 Gold Edition comes with the base game and the Treasures, Monsters & Pirates expansion.

Are you prepared to claim the New World in another brilliant ANNO entry that brings back exciting real-time strategy and complex empire building that only this franchise does this well? As always, the objective in the game is to create your own colonies and then accumulate wealth and power while dealing with all kinds of conflicts and tricky situations. Battle enemies on the land or at the sea in order to protect your colonies from aggressors and maintain your status in the world as an independent ruler.

ANNO 1503 introduces a new combat system to the game that allows for tactical preparations and epic battles both on the land and on the sea. There are five different climate zones in ANNO 1503 that all provide a unique experience. Nine cultures are present in the game, and they include Aztecs, Africans, Native Americans, and so on. Thanks to an in-depth economics system players get to expand their influence through the use and trading of goods like raw materials, weaponry, and others necessities like food and cloth. There are even exotic items like spices and silk which can be acquired. Trading is more accessible than ever thanks to an intuitive trading menu which also lets players interact with the other nations and even form peace treaties.

ANNO 1503 features many unique cultures from the 16th Century that have their specific traits and characteristics, different climates like obscure deserts, green jungles, chilly tundras, an new combat system, improved AI, over 250 building types  that include the likes of watchtowers, tobacco plantations, and so on, the Open-Ended, Single Scenario, and Campaign gameplay modes, and much more!


Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 1.8 GHz 
RAM: 512Mo (1 Go recommended)
Video Card: 3D compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended)
Hard Disk: 2Go of free space

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