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Journey to the World Of Arx

Explore A Fantasy World

This critically acclaimed first-person RPG from Arkane Studios takes the player on an amazing journey into the fantasy world of Arx. Arx is wrought with turmoil, brought to the brink of destruction by a violent war. The sun has disappeared from overhead to shroud the world in eternal darkness, forcing communities to begin inhabiting underground mines. But as food and drink becomes scarce, the wars become even more violent as each race – from trolls, goblins, and rat-men, to humans – struggle for survival. Now, evil has arisen in this sunless world in the form of the God of Destruction, Akbaa. It’s up to you to defeat Akbaa and save Arx from his reign of terror. You must use bravery and cunning to uncover the long hidden secret of Arx. As your epic quest unfolds you will explore ancient temples, bustling cities and abandoned mines; unearth legendary artifacts and face terrifying foes.

Build Your Champion

You will become the hero of an underground world. Create a customizable character and allocate skill points in categories such as spellcasting, weapons, armor, and stealth to build your champion.

Wield Powerful Magic

Take out enemy creatures with an innovative casting system featuring 50 powerful spells. Using the mouse, draw runes in mid-air and combine gestures to unleash powerful magical abilities.

Forge Your Own Path Through An Immersive World

Arx Fatalis mixes intelligent storytelling with nonlinear gameplay and challenging puzzles, and every choice you make in the game could have drastic impacts on the world. In true Arkane fashion, the game allows you choose your own playstyle and path, with several different possible endings awaiting you based on your decisions.

These days, you probably know Arkane Studios as the developer behind Prey and the Dishonored series. But the studio was building immersive sims from its inception over 20 years ago, and in celebration of its latest birthday, you can now get that first game, Arx Fatalis, for free. It's part of the Arkane 20 promotion, which also includes the launch of the Arkane Outsiders community - which, in more realistic terms, is an email newsletter. Sign up for that newsletter via the official site by May 3...


Updated to run on Windows 10 Stability improvements Various bug fixes


Break out the party poppers – Prey and Dishonored developers Arkane Studios turns 20 years old this year. Well, sort of. The studio may have been founded in ’99, but who am I to ruin a party? To celebrate two decades of sneaking, stabbing, and all-round immersive sim’ing, Arkane are dusting off the oldest book on their shelf by giving away free copies of the studio’s 2002 fantasy debut Arx Fatalis. (more…)


Over eight years after launching, Arkane Studios' RPG Arx Fatalis, has received a new patch and, more excitingly, had its source code released. Patch 1.21 improves compatibility with modern systems, which means that if you fancy poking around under the hood of Arx Fatalis, you can safely do so--without first risking your beautiful, beautiful skin attempting to remove the angry, clawing family of possums nesting there. You can find the source code on FileShack, along with the patch. The full ga...


Updates to Arx Fatalis have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include: v1.21 * Improved overall game stability under Microsoft© Windows Vista© & Windows 7©. * Fixed blinking effect that may happen when starting a new game. * Fixed HUD scaling when display resolution is higher than 1024x960. * Fixed EAX option: value is now saved when leaving the option menu. * Fixed an issue with the game locking-up when opening player...




Minimum: Windows XP, 500 MHz Pentium ® III or compatible, 64 MB RAM , DirectX 8 or higher, DirectX 8 compatible sound- and graphics card with 16 MB, 750 MB fixed disks
Recommended: 900 MHz Pentium ® III or compatible, 256 MB RAM , DirectX 8 or higher, DirectX 8 compatible sound- and graphics card with 32MB, 750 MB fixed disks

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