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  • Ashi

Korean traditional style spicy hardcore game!
Challenge the extreme level of difficulty that increases as you clear the stage!

- Genre
Spicy Hardcore Platformmer Game

- Story

The adventures of naughty boy "Ashi" when he accidentally falls into an unknown world.
And Ashi meets the treasure bead "Gooseul," which supports the life of the "Ju" country, one of the many countries there.

- Summary of "Ashi"
Using the power of the "bead" wakes up things related to the "Ju" country that fell asleep.
Awakened objects help and unintentionally interfere with the player through interaction.
Let's use these properly to overcome obstacles.

▶️ Simple control: Simply move, jump, and use the power of beads.
▶️ Stimulating the desire to challenge a difficult platformer
▶️ Graphics and sound with an oriental vibe.
▶️ Stories and characters like children's stories.

- Game Features

1. Using the power of the bead awakens the life of things around it.
Let's move through the map by interacting with the awakened lives.
▶️ The power of the bead is the most important force for Ashi.
▶️ This bead will help you get through the stage, and depending on how you use this force, you will be able to clear the stage easily.
▶️ Conquer the power of bead with your sense of challenge and physical strength!

2. Oriental Style Pixel Art
▶️ Oriental graphics and BGM will give you a dreamy atmosphere.
▶️ You will be able to experience a mysterious and harmonious Korean style.
▶️ If you enjoy the story and background like Korean classic fairy tales, you will understand Korea better.

3. Level Design of High Difficulty
▶️ You can feel High difficulty in only Ashi.
▶️ The difficult level will stimulate your spirit of challenge and maximize the fun you can get through Ashi play.
▶️ You have to clear the stage with a lot of gimmicks and traps,
and you will be able to overcome it with high concentration and physical strength.





  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: Intel G3240
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Grahpics Chipset
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 250 MB available space





  • DirectX: Version 10


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