Avencast: Rise of the Mage

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  • Avencast: Rise of the Mage

In a world of wizardry, wonder and untold mystery, you must undertake some of the most diverse quests to hone your skills in spell casting, weaponry and melee combat. Your martial skills are soon put to the test as demonic monsters descend upon Avencast, turning the academy into a state of chaos and destruction.
Armed with countless combat moves and spells, and a vast arsenal of equipment you must uncover the source of this evil by vanquishing an onslaught of enemies. Treachery and deceit reveal themselves as the vicious army threatens Avencast’s very existence. Amidst the mayhem, an astonishing truth unfolds which will forever change the battle scarred Wizard.

  • Avencast’s unique and innovative combat system favors skillful gameplay over dull mouse clicking. Chain together spells and execute lethal attacks. Unleash your hero’s potential as you bring your own player skills to each intense battle!
  • An exciting combination of dynamic action, adventure and traditional role-playing.
  • Captivating visuals and dazzling special effects accompany you into a world where magic truly rules the day.
  • While strength and agility will win most battles, wisdom and strategic thinking are necessary to survive Avencast’s challenging quests.
  • Choose the magic that suits you best: melee-oriented blood magic or far ranged soul magic, or an explosive cocktail of both!
  • Hordes of nightmarish monsters, each with their own diverse skills and combat strategies that adapt to your behavior.
  • Acquire new equipment, armor, weapons and spell casting skills to craft a powerful character.

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Drop by and try the demo, watch the live streams, and watch for free key drops in the chat! Live stream schedule: Every day, up to and including Feb. 27 at 11 am EST (UTC -4) Live stream replay: Every day, up to and including Feb. 27 at 4 pm EST (UTC -4) Don't miss the launch discount. Wishlist your copy of Jumphobia: Homeward Bound today!


Hello everyone! In update 1.0.9, you will see: ✅ A new location "Kitchen," where there is a lot of food and a hardworking cook is constantly busy preparing new dishes! ✅ By popular demand, you can now collect items for quests from the beginning without knowing the conditions of the quests. ✅ Fixed a logical bug found by you, the players, where the stick can no longer be set ...


Indie game publisher Meridian4 is proud to announce the upcoming release of Jumphobia: Homeward Bound, a side-scroller platformer created by indie developer Wix Games. Scheduled for official release in Q1 2022, Jumphobia: Homeward Bound is a fast-paced platformer with no jump button!


Welcome! Today we want to talk about how we have selected the art style of Hirilun. We want to make a kind of dark style, with a comic feel. So we decided to use an outline for everything, that way we have the feel of a comic, and also is very clear to see a limit of an element. Very useful on a first-person platformer. And to emphasize the important aspects of the game, lik...




  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Pentium or 2200+ AMD Athlon processor
  • Memory: 512 MB (1GB Vista)
  • Hard Drive: 4.4 GB of free space
  • Graphics: GeForce FX 5700 or better / ATI Radeon 9700 or better
  • Sound: DirectSound compatible
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
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