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  • Avium

Discover the world of the future with Avium, a role-playing adventure game where you can enjoy an open world, deep story, and future technology. Test new generation weapons, investigate complex crimes, explore the city and its inhabitants. And defeat your enemies trying to destroy peace and order.

Gary, Jake, Derek, and Sarah together make up the Vanguards Vigilante Group in Avium, a desert city that thrives on the edge of Cyberpunk style. They're doing their best to keep the peace and uphold the law, but growing animosity against all vigilantes has reached its peak.

While exposing corruption in Avium's various districts alongside hunting down your nemesis, the sentient robot menace known as Haz-Mat, you'll get to fly and fight as the vigilante Jake aka "Diezel". You will have to uncover many mysteries and secrets of this world, find yourself on the brink of death and challenge new vices and problems of the future world in an age where emotional instability, political nepotism, and social upheaval dominate logic. The race toward the next stage in human evolution begins. In the aftermath of democracy and rise of totalitarianism, we have colonized the Solar System, making our once estranged planets part of our new empire. Cutting edge cybernetics, super power drugs, the loss of thousands of years of history, and the power vacuum between rivaling corporations all plunge Avium, the cyber capital of Earth, into revolt.

However, a far greater force of darkness looms on the horizon, threatening to end humanity's reign across all dimensions, all times, and all stages of evolution...

Campaign Length: 3hrs.
Free Mode: Choose one of two Open World Areas, independent from the story of Avium.
Arcade Mode: Tutorials, Boss battles, Elimination battles, Zombies, and a race to play.

1) "A single button can save the universe" - Avium sets you up to pay attention to the world and your pop-in messages to understand the world of Avium, what to do, and when to do it. Hints, collectibles, Easter eggs, tricks, clues, lore, abilities, and details are at your disposal. Reading between the lines in what you're given leads you to understand Avium and of what it's trying to warn you. Don't take anything at face value. Nothing is free. 'Interacting' at certain points during certain two important cutscenes give you the edge or save the universe altogether...

2) "Accessible Lore, if you want it. Deep world, if you don't" - You have access to as much lore as you'd find in a book through the use of pop-in tutorial messages, lore in-world, and NPC dialogues. But a majority of your arsenal/abilities, allies' motivations, and world order are not directly given to you, but instead are revealed only to the most curious. Explore & investigate, and you will find the truth! Or don't...

3) "No single weapon is the best in the game" - Avium is also designed to give you immense choice in how you fight enemies. While Enemies and Bosses are not overly complex, every weapon affects common enemies and bosses differently. Choose your weapons wisely to defeat the enemies. Watch those pop-ins.

"Avium is a snapshot of our society today, but 100 years from now.
Our incredible ability to adapt, left unchecked, has the potential to be our downfall. We are creatures of evolution. On one hand, it gave us marvels of medicine and technology, life-extending wonders! On the other hand, it has changed our sense of definition.

As we progress, we're leaving behind history, tradition, and religion--a by-product of progress. We're naturally and unintentionally replacing all of the past with this die-hard pursuit of truth, spectacle, or convenience, or sometimes all three. This is the natural course of adaptation. Taking this to its extreme means that anything we "know" today can't possibly stand the test of time as a concrete definition. Everything we "know" is subject to redefinition because of some discovery in our near future. Rules and laws become adapted. Constitutions and democracies become adapted.

There will come a point in time when we can redefine anything to mean anything except what it was originally defined as. This coupled with everyone's avarice to be "right" welcomes widespread disconnect that pits everyone's definitions against everyone else's on Earth. So instead of there being one definition, there are 8 billion, 10 billion, fifteen billion definitions. And you have just as many perspectives, justifications, and personal rights that bolster those opinions and a growing irrational determination to shut down any opposing view because these views you've defended are now part of your identity, your livelihood--adapted to each individual. And because these anecdotal "truths" are so personal and irrefutable to you, you can make anything you say as authentic as you want it to be perceived.

Our adaptation taken to its ultimate conclusion spells the eventual breakdown in our psychology, our biology, our history. If nothing can matter more than one's own personal freedoms and personal rights and personal truths, all of which you've gone to such great lengths to redefine as "objective truths" in a world where proof can no longer be obtained by a majority without shattering our concept of our self-indulgent reality, then what is reality?

As you're sailing through the endless ocean of "truth", no one can tell you anything. You can do and be anything! And THAT is exactly where the Big Four (Guise, Falcon Industries, GAMMA, and the Right Hand) want us: Stuck in the sensational illusion that we have the freedom of choice when, in fact, we are drowning in the ocean of "freedom", guided only by our desires and pleasures and unified only by our hatred of opposition. It's no wonder 98.6% of the human population now unironically shares the same beliefs, goals, and hatred.

In such a world, Avium lets you get a taste of what could be, lets you witness both the benefits of such a "unified" society and the obvious pitfalls of isolationist self-pursuits.

Evolution isn't a gift, it's a negotiation.

What would you give for it?"

If you're seeking:

  • A Looter-Shooter with Open-world Exploration


  • An arsenal of Missiles-Turrets-and-Flight via your jet-like War-Suit and breakneck speed Combat
  • Boss Battles
  • Slide, Triple Jump, Dashing, Wall-Running, Wall-Dashing, and Superhero Landing Locomotion Features
  • Hacking doors with code
  • Defensive & Offensive Teleportation
  • A Magic System (Ice, Fire, Electricity, Telekinesis) for unlocking puzzles & minor combat
  • Laser Vision
  • Stealthy Assassinations & Invisibility
  • The ability to seamlessly swap from FPS to TPS
  • Dystopian capitalism, neon skylines, allegory, tragedy & betrayal...but you also want to dip your toes in the Hard Sciences of the fermi paradox, quantum mechanics & multiverses, general relativity, the Kardashev scale, Bekenstein bound, Planck time, extraterrestrial life, robotics, artificial intelligence, war, black holes, evolution, and did I mention LASERS??
  • Fun little Easter Eggs and references that pay homage to the games that inspired Avium.
  • And Photo Mode! Take stunning pics up to 4K right here in-game, exactly how you want them, and export the photos to your personal drive automatically!

Then welcome to Avium!





  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: 10
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU 3.20GHz
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1660
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 128 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Install to SSD for quicker loading times





  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: 10
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X - Ryzen 9 3rd Gen 16-Core 3.5 GHz
  • Memory: 64 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce RTX 3070
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 128 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Install to SSD for quicker loading times


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