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Battlefield 1943 is a first person shooter. It's an online multiplayer game set in World War II and gives you realistic weapons, environments, and intense gameplay to show you that action-packed hell in a video game. The game was developed by EA DICE and then published by Electronic Arts for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Pacific Theater of Operations is the setting which will show us the grit of World War II.

Frostbite Engine is once again powering the visuals of this game, and there are two distinct multiplayer modes available: Conquest and Air Superiority.  This Battlefield title features only three classes. Infantryman has an SMG and a powerful anti-tank rocket, The Rifleman uses a semi-automatic rifle and rifle grenade for sticky situations, while the Scout takes advantage of a scoped rifle perfect for picking off targets from afar, a pistol, and some dynamite for situations that require explosives.

Battlefield 1943 has a regenerating health system.

Players can use fighters, tanks, cars, and landing craft for moving from place to place swiftly and utilizing the crushing might of the weapons that the tanks and airplanes possess.

All maps feature an airfield which provides you with one-man fighter planes, like the A6M2 Zeroes or the F4U Corsairs. Each of these planes has four machine guns that can mow down anything in seconds and there's always the option of dropping bombs on your enemies,

Tanks can be shared by three players, one who will drive and use the tank cannon and coaxial machine gun, the second operates as a gunner with a machine gun, and the third one can use their own weapon.

Landing crafts are boats that are used to transport troops from carriers to beaches.

Buy Battlefield 1943 today and experience a thrilling World War II experience!

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