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  • Battlefield V Deluxe Edition


  • Five Sets of Paratrooper Outfits
  • Special Assignments
  • 20 Weekly Items with Airlift

Do you want to have the best possible experience on the Xbox One when you're playing Battlefield V? Well, we have some advice for you. Buy Battlefield V Deluxe Edition - Xbox One for all kinds of in-game bonuses as well as the base game. The in-game bonuses include five sets of realistic paratrooper apparel, called Paratrooper Outfits, which all have their own special weapon skins, complex camo patterns, awesome headgear, and intimidating face paint. Starter Assignments let you test your skill, and the weekly Airlift makes sure that you regularly get customization items.

Battlefield V takes the popular military shooter franchise back into a different version of World War 2 that we've never seen before. Experience the greatest war that the humankind entered and engage in thrilling and captivating skirmishes in the game's multiplayer mode together with your squad.

Various new modes have been added to the game, like the enormous Grand Operations or the cooperative Combined Arms mode. There is also a single player mode in the game called War Stories where you get to see human drama against global combat. You and your squad will battle for control of the most dangerous weapon in the world, nuclear missiles.   This promises to be the most immersive Battlefield game yet with the most epic and grandiose locations for us to enjoy.

Battlefield V features 64-player multiplayer set in an all-out war environment. Bullets will fly over your head at all times, grenades are thrown all over the place, and lives are constantly lost. You are waging a war here, so do your best to take down the enemy and bring victory to your side. The game features a new soldier move set, fortifications, and brand new mobile tools of destruction. This is World War 2 shown in a new light, but it's still as brutal and grim as ever.

Its one of the best games for old war games !
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