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  • BeeFense

They say that when the hive is threatened, that all bees rise up and make sure that the enemy is combatted and taken down. And now, you have the chance to be the bee and make sure that your nest and more importantly, your honey, is safe!

Protect your bee hive fortress against the hornet menace by building the best Bee defense: a BeeFense! Command your Bees to get beesy. Let them collect honey dew - the most precious resource in the world to upgrade your tower and train heroic Bee fieldrunners. Defend your bee hive fortress against the evil Queen Hornetta, who has been genetically modified in order to vanquish the bee colony and steal your honey.

Features for BeeFense include:

Engage in Intense TD! Tower defense style gameplay inspired by fieldrunners!

Build and customize your defense strategy with 12 different tower features!

Manage and collect different resources with your bees to provide your bee colony!

Evolve and Decide which upgrades you want to improve your defense.

You'll be given special tasks throughout the levels as well! Play all levels a few times with different targets and get extra honeycombs.

It's the perfect game to play when you want to do a game by yourself. Hit the enemy back and try to master the 20 single player levels successfully. Save your beehive from the evil hornets!

Are you up to the task? Do you think you can lead the bees to victory? Or will you be stung by the wrath of the hornets?

Hi folks, the good news first: miracles do indeed still happen. As of now, all BeeFense owners should have the new BeeFense BeeMastered in their library and should be able to install it for free. But joking aside. We realize that some things went wrong here. But on the one hand we can't do much without Valve's help and because it' s Summer Sale they will get many thousands of requests (hence the long waiting times) and on the other hand sometimes mistakes are like quicksand: The more you try to ...


Hello bees friends unfortunately, sometimes the problem is as deep in the details as it can be. We will continue to work on a solution with Valve over the weekend so that we can link BeeFense and BeeFense BeeMastered. Until then, we have a little work around for you that should work. If you own BeeFense, then DISINSTALL the game once and then INSTALL it again. Now you should also play BeeFense BeeMastered. But this is only the emergency solution. Once again, we ask you loyal BeeFense owners to w...


Hey bee friends, We are glad to see such strong interest in "BeeFense BeeMastered" from you. Now we have a great news for you: The linking of "BeeFense" and "BeeFense BeeMastered" will work on Steam as planned. This means that on 06/24 you will be able to download the brand new BeeFense BeeMastered FOR FREE here on Steam as a BeeFense owner. As a young developer, we are happy to be able to successfully make the link. Since this was our first time, we are relieved to share this good news with you...


Hello bee friends, Thanks a lot for your nice tips and advice under our last message. Being a small indie studio, we discover new things every day and new challenges come our way, so we didn't have the possibility of linking "BeeFense" and "BeeFense BeeMastered" in mind. However, we try to prepare this until the release, so that each of you can get the sweet taste of BeeMaster's. If, for whatever reason, it doesn't work to link the two games, you'll get the key for the release via the respective...


Hello bee friends, this Thursday is the "World Bee Day"! And as it should be, we have a surprise for you. There will soon be a BRAND NEW "BeeFense BeeMastered"! Since we are a small indie developer and have to deal with all kinds of technical problems, we have to disable "BeeFense" for a while here in the store. But don't worry, you can still play the game. But why should you, when you can also play the new improved "BeeFense BeeMastered" for FREE?!!? Yes exactly all owners of "BeeFense" will ge...





  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Atom x7
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
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