Bibi & Tina - Adventures with Horses Nintendo Switch

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  • Bibi & Tina - Adventures with Horses Nintendo Switch

There's going to be a horse race at Castle Falkenstein. Of course Bibi and Tina have set their minds on taking part in that race. But are their riding skills going to be good enough to be a match for the competition? Help Bibi and Tina training for the big derby. Explore the beautiful surroundings of Martinshof and Castle Falkenstein riding over hedge and ditch with Bibi or Tina. Master various riding challenges and time trials or play one of the numerous missions. Cross country training will see you riding on demanding tracks to improve your jumping technique along with your other riding skills.

And as soon as your training session comes to a close you lovingly take very good care of your horses. As an experienced rider you always keep an eye on your horse and make sure it gets the nutritious food and tender loving care it needs. Clean their hooves and brush their coats.

Master countless challenges and show your skills and what you're made of in the final decisive race through the corn labyrinth!

There's not much time left until the big race. So start training now!


  • Train on challenging tracks
  • Discover the surroundings of Falkenstein in Free Riding mode
  • Show your skills in the corn labyrinth!
  • Master 17 missions full of difficult riding tasks
  • Feed your horses and take care of them
  • Collect 34 photos straight from the film for your album and photo story


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