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  • Blackguards 2
  • Blackguards Deluxe Edition
  • Blackguards: Untold Legends
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Blackguards 2
Blackguards 2 is a turn-based strategy-RPG and will deliver challenging hexfield battles and a gritty story filled with violence and crime. Ch…
Jan. 20, 2015
Blackguards Deluxe Edition
What makes video games such an interesting medium is that sometimes you don't play as the typical hero, or heroes. Sometimes, you play as the mos…
Nov. 6, 2013
Blackguards: Untold Legends
The life of a Blackguard: Learn how Takate became the enslaved gladiator and seize the day to take revenge on everyone responsible for the forest man…
March 4, 2014
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