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Blade & Sorcery is a VR medieval fantasy sandbox that features action-packed physics-driven combat. The game was developed and published by WarpFrog on December 11th, 2018.

Have you ever wanted to come close to being a vicious warrior, a precise ranger, or a powerful sorcerer in a virtual reality game? If the answer is yes, then you need to give Blade & Sorcery a shot. No more weightless combat that you're used to in other VR titles, as the combat here makes you feel each blow that you receive. There is nothing weightless about hitting someone and getting hit here, and the melee, ranged, and magic combat are all fully realized to pack a punch and immerse players in the battle that is raging on.

Blade & Sorcery has been made with VR technology in mind, so you have collisions that are dictated by defined hitboxes, objects have their own weight and everything obeys the laws of physics, and players can even use blades to cut through or penetrate certain materials or even to deflect incoming magic attacks. The only thing that's limiting you in this title is your own creativity, as the game lets you pick your own weapon, pick the stance you want to use, and determine which fighting style that you want to bring into battle.

Hello folks, The Baron here with the good news you have all been waiting for - KospY and the Warpfrog team have gotten U11 into a playable state that we now feel a U11 beta is possible! ːpraisesunː Please note, the beta is a WIP and we are introducing many new system mechanics that are likely to have bugs and lacking polish around the edges; this will be the whole point of the beta. As such, It is only recommended to opt into the beta if you are okay with having a buggy experience, or even bette...


Hello mates, The Baron here with a U11 status report that is perhaps not exactly what you were hoping to hear. So here it is guys — U11 is not ready for release. ːsteamsadː We thought about it and thought about it, but in our hearts we just don't feel comfortable to release U11 in it's current state as we feel it still needs significant polish to be considered complete, not to mention we are not satisfied that enough bug-testing was done. Really sorry about this, guys. To give some context as to...


Hello mates, The Baron here with a little sneak peek at a cool bonus surprise being added to U11 that we didn't mention before. As it relates to graphics, this news is exclusively for PCVR (sorry Nomad folk). As we have mentioned in the past, we are always striving to push the limit when it comes to PCVR. Whenever I would read anxiety comments from people concerned Nomad could mean the abandonment of PCVR, I was bursting to reveal this secret project because I knew it was being worked on these p...


Hello mates! The Baron here with a little sneak peek of some of the upcoming U11 magic stuff that I had alluded to in previous news. Magic expansion was not directly advertised as one of the bigger features of U11 because we weren't sure how much would/could be included in time for U11, and as always we didn't wanna say too much in case it didn't work out and have people disappointed. We figured it is better that you guys are pleasantly surprised than disappointed. So, surprise! haha The general...


Hello mates, The Baron here with the latest news from Blade & Sorcery, and to give you a little preview at what is coming down the pipeline. The team is fully in U11 mode, and we have been expanding quite significantly which means Warpfrog is a beehive of activity right now with everyone working on lots of different systems and features simultaneously. So here is a glance at some of the wide variety of cross-department things that are in development at the moment -- STEALTH Here is a classic B&S...





  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / 1060



  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1070
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