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  • Blazing Beaks

Roguelite - where too much greediness can be fatal. A colorful world with armed birds blazing their way through piles of mutants, monsters, and creepy creatures. Lots of mysteries to unravel, secrets to discover and levels to explore.

  • Artifacts:
    You will be tempted to take them but doing so will make you really suffer.
  • Story mode:
    Plow your path through a whole host of enemies and whack them back to where they came from.
  • Tournament mode:
    Arena based local multiplayer mode where your friendships will be really tested.
  • Local Co-op for Story mode:
    All this Story mode carnage is even more fun when you play with a friend.
  • 8 playable characters:
    The unique abilities each character has will make gameplay even more versatile.
  • Character mods:
    You can create your own, share and play with custom characters created by the community.
  • Controller support:
    Supports all the most common gamepad types.
  • Hours and hours of fun:
    Randomly generated levels and loot drops make every playthrough different.

Story mode (1-2 local players): An explosive adventure where you’ll find yourself fighting invaders and searching for the origin of evil. There’s an endless onslaught of enemies for you to shoot, blast, zap and disintegrate every which way. A cute and charming world with challenging levels full of surprises.

Tournament mode (2-4 local players): A battle experience where you compete with your friends to find out who's the real hero.

  • Deathmatch: Everyone out for themselves. Last beak standing wins.
  • One gun mode: Each player starts with the same randomly chosen weapon which cannot be changed for that round.
  • Drop Hearts mode: A player drops some hearts when he is hurt and he or any other player can collect them.
  • Skull keeper mode: Grab and keep the golden skull without losing it for a certain amount of time and all your opponents will lose 1 HP.
  • Hunting mode: Each player starts with a spear. Once you throw it, you need to grab it before you can throw it again.

Hi everyone, Here's a small update fixing some changes and bug fixes. Changes Made improvements for explosive Puffus corpses so that it wouldn't obstruct the doors anymore. Corrected Japanese translation for Guts artifact description. Turned the volume down for Thistle weapon projectiles. Bug fixes Fixed a bug where Ice Cube artifact went into affect for both players regardless of who picked it up. Fixed a bug where Ice Cube artifact didn't let revice co-op player in second or later shop visits....


Hi everyone, Here's a small update fixing some bugs that have been reported by our community members. Changes Fuser ability won't be dropped in Collector challenge anymore. Bug fixes Fixed a bug where picking up too many items caused a door icon to appear instead of the actual item icon in the pause screen. Fixed a bug where it was possible to kill yourself when stacked Bait artifacts went into affect. Fixed a bug where you could trigger Feather ability and slide even without using movement stic...


Hi everyone, We've just published a small update fixing a bug and making some corrections in Polish translation. Bug fixes Fixed a bug where in specific situations the game froze on level loading screen. Changes Corrected some texts in Polish translation. Best regards, Tomas and Eduardas


Hi everyone, We've just published another small update with some changes: Changes Corrected German translations for 2 active abilities unlock descriptions. Made changes to projectiles for Razor Gun and Crag that caused rapid bouncing back and forth if the the distance between the wall and boss was very small. Best regards, Tomas and Eduardas


Hi everyone, Here's another small update fixing some bugs. Patch notes: Bug fixes Fixed a bug where the game froze if explosion triggered ghost statue in Graveyard and that statue was completely surrounded by bushes. Fixed a bug where in very rare occasions some parts of the level were unreachable. Fixed a bug where in some cases the same amount of levels per area was generated for the next runs. Best regards, Tomas and Eduardas






  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
  • Processor: 2+ GHz Dual-Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or better
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 600 MB available space


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