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Bloody Spell is a martial arts action RPG that is currently in Early Access. The game is being developed by 艺龙游戏 and published by 艺龙游戏. It launched on January 16th, 2019.

Yejin and Li, his sister, went to train martial arts ten years ago under the sect of Wanfa. But, since they were away from the human world, a strange new organization called the Void Legion invaded the land. During these chaotic times, Yejin and Li have to once again meddle in the affairs of the human world, but can they survive the onslaught of the Void Legion? Even when you are at your weakest, the use of a bloodthirsty spell can turn the tides in your favor. Now, are you prepared to face many difficult enemies and save the world from being plunged into darkness?

Bloody Spell features multi-weapon switching as one of the main mechanics, where each weapon that you're wielding has different power, positioning, and different speeds. Each weapon also gives the player all kinds of different skills and skill combos that can be used to tear enemies apart. The game has slick weapon handling and every blow feels heavy and satisfying.

Each time that the player dies the level reforms, making the scenes, the monsters, and the equipment randomly different. When you die, everything that you thought was familiar has now changed, making the game constantly feel new, fresh, and challenging, with each death essentially resetting everything and giving you a new playground. Players have access to the "Bloody Spell" system that allows you to use special skills such as bullet time, roar breaking, assassination execution, counterattacks, and much more.

Buy Blood Spell today and crush the Void Legion once and for all!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34197611/30ca13b71d09204ca02ee9964ef0324fba0fd132.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34197611/f470563ad2359e3f38b5074c6c2832ea34815c12.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34197611/56947f29c809c2e532e2e8aa5b8ef224cf38ff0b.jpg Hi, I am Uncle Li, the producer of'BloodySpell'. Today is the Chinese New Year. I wish you all good health and the best in the new year! Then I will report to you the development situation and follow-up plans of the game since it went online. ‘BloodySpell’ is currently being devel...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34197611/b8bd2732b83a03d0c4e508452fdfb19b6be79145.png 新增内容: 新增视角调远调近功能(鼠标滚轮或手柄RT+右摇杆) 新增装备整理排序功能 新增垂直同步选项 春节送好礼,李叔送给每人一件红色女神旗袍 优化女祭司红、粉、蓝的特殊效果 修复内容: 调整动态模糊效果 修复在踢馆模式中通关会触发通关困难难度成就的bug 修复大肉搏模式中的文本错误 修复试炼场模式中死亡后卡住的bug 修复女装魔石不起作用的bug 修复大肉搏模式中使用修改器触发终极技从而卡住的bug New content: Added the function of adjusting the viewing angle far and near (mouse wheel or handle RT+right joystick) Added equipment sorting function Added vertical sync option Gifts for the Spring Festival, Uncle Li gave ...


修复了少量玩家退出游戏后,steam里还显示正在运行的bug 修复少量机型点steam进入游戏时崩溃的bug 修复大师兄和金陵boss同时死亡,界面会卡死的bug 微微减少野怪在大肉搏模式中的视野 修复新玩家没进过主线,直接进入大肉搏退不出来的bug 修复新玩家没有存档直接退游戏会一直同步中的bug 修复金陵甲女装局部的黑缝 补充:由于有一些恶性bug,我只能修复,更新间隔有点短,希望一些网速不好的玩家见谅。 Fixed a bug that steam still shows running after a few players quit the game Fixed a bug that caused a few models to crash when entering the game on steam Fix the bug that the interface will freeze when the big brother and Jinling boss die at the same time Slightly reduced the vision of the m...


提升大肉搏模式“中”、“底”画质的帧率 大肉搏模式里成就界面锁死 修复女祭司待机动作脚踝拉伸的bug 修复大肉搏模式掉到地面以下无限下落的bug 修复大肉搏模式最后一秒点到抽奖炉,时间结束时卡在这里无法退出的bug Improve the frame rate of "medium" and "bottom" image quality in the big melee mode The achievement interface locks up in the melee mode Fix the bug of the ankle stretching of the priestess in standby action Fix the bug of infinitely falling below the ground in big melee mode Fix the bug that the last second of the big melee mode is the lottery stove, and the time is over.


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34197611/d56295d2cf13983b160cac86aa33fa612038e469.png 新增女神蕾丝裙粉、红、蓝至DLC商店页面 新增女神蕾丝裙白、黑至大肉搏模式奖品池 修复大肉搏偶尔出现的打小怪弹出一堆尸体的bug 修复女祭司在游戏内脸部高光太强bug 修复通关大肉搏也能触发困难模式成就的bug 微调锁定逻辑和锁定距离 Added goddess lace dress pink, red and blue to the DLC store page Added a prize pool for the white and black goddess lace skirt to the big melee mode Fixed a bug where a bunch of corpses popped up occasionally when fighting mobs Fix the bug that the priestess has too strong facial highlights in the game Fix ...





  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: Intel i3 Processor
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 10 GB available space



  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: Intel i7 Processor
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
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