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Boosteroid is a cloud gaming platform that provides two-click access to high-end video games and brings lots of positive emotions and experiences. Play your favorite games at 60 fps (Full HD 1080p) on a PC, laptop, tablet, Android TV, or even phone.


  • Boosteroid enables cloud-based access to PC video games. Games are rendered on high-end remote server and gameplay is streamed to user's device over the Internet.
  • Users can run PC games on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS in browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge). Users can run PC games on Android smartphones and TVs with Boosteroid applications available on Google Play.
  • Users can check ping and latency to Boosteroid servers in their user account (speed test functionality) on Boosteroid.



  • Minimum user internet connection speed requirement: 15 Mbps (8 Mbps for mobile devices). The connection should be stable; Ethernet or Wi-Fi 5 GHz.
  • Steam/Epic etc. account will be required to launch games on Boosteroid. Paid games should be purchased from the official distributor.
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