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Have you ever felt lonely? Like you wanted someone to talk to? A best friend perhaps? Well look no further! Thanks to next generation AI technology made in the new Anekom OS, BUDDY SIMULATOR 1984 simulates the experience of hanging out with a best buddy! Your best buddy learns from you, constantly adapting to your interests and personality. Say your favorite color is green, of course your best friend will remember!

Do you like video games? So does your buddy! Your best buddy can play games with you thanks to the latest and greatest graphical software! Our top video game scientists have created a way for a computer to talk to you and become someone you can really trust!


Video Game Hub! Can you beat your buddy in a intense game of rock, paper, scissors? What about a dangerous game of hangman? Will the human come out on top or will the AI triumph? You can play 3 whole new games with your buddy!

AI Learning! Your buddy will constantly be learning all about you in order to become better friends. With the game's new state of the art AI technology, your buddy will evolve to better adapt to your interests and make sure you are having fun together!

New and Unique Experience! Your experience with Buddy Simulator 1984 will be unique and unlike anything you have ever played before! Its the 80's and we're now living in the future! In the next 5 years we could have flying cars or holographic video calls. Buddy Simulator 1984 is the next big step in technological evolution.


By playing Buddy Simulator 1984, you are helping the scientific community take a major leap towards the future of artificial intelligence.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy for your Anekom system today!


DISCLAIMER: Game contains flashing lights

Buddy Simulator 1984 This update is just a whole lot of bugs! They would have been done yesterday but I sort of, uh, needed a mental health day. Releasing an indie game during college midterms has kept me a bit busy :P Anyways, there have been a LOT of little bugs squashed today, but these were the big ones: - "drawers" is now a possible noun replacement for "cabinet" below the shed. - Added missing collider on the turning dock lever puzzle. - Joey no longer leaves his stretched arms after a gam...


Important bugs related to move speed and music playing have been fixed! - Player is now slowed down during bad place moments to avoid dialogue skipping. - Player was also slowed down during left tunnel dialogue. - The happy town music no longer plays during uh, certain places. - Foot tap no longer continues playing after... stuff happens.


*WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD The Rad Stuff -Added a new Settings Menu to 2D and 2.5D where you can.... -Change music and world volume to make your ears happy! -Change scanlines and bloom intensity to cure your headaches! -Toggle "One Key Mode", a new mode for those who find difficulty in combat! An explanation for this mechanic is given in-game. Note: We still have more plans for extra accessibility in the future. We want this game to be as inclusive and accessible to as many people as we can. :) -I...


BUDDY SIMULATOR 1984 IS RELEASED ON STEAM! You buddy is waiting for you :) Steam Page: Price: 10% OFF ($8.99) For ONE WEEK ONLY you can get the game 10% off! Thank you all again so much for being the best community ever. We hope you all enjoy our game! It would mean so much to us if you could leave a Steam review with your feedback on it at some point! We did it everyone . We did it! We will be uploading the itch.io build/game in t...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37298632/59fd7eed8b07f76af90f251f23b1d401776290bf.png ONE WEEK LEFT UNTIL RELEASE! And you bet your butts we aren't pushing it back! Buddy Simulator is still coming February 18th, and we are so excited for you all to see your Buddy once again! We have 3 important announcements so read carefully! WE'D LOVE YOUR HELP! Whether you're a long time lurker, active Discord member, or just pop in to say hello every once in a while, we would love any help to spread the word. You all are...






  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 550 GTX / AMD Radeon 5770 HD series card
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 400 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Take caution with wide-screen displays.


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