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Circle Empires: Rivals is the multiplayer sequel to the original award-winning real-time strategy game enjoyed by more than 300,000 players worldwide! Fast-paced action and hundreds of different units combined with a procedurally-generated world of circles to make every session exciting and unique. You’ll have to devise new strategies and clever tactics to defeat your enemies, harvest resources and increase your power – alone or online with friends!

“It’s amazing to have watched the project evolve from a free demo into the single-player experience, and now at last, into a multiplayer one as well!” – The Luminous Team


  • Fast-paced RTS
  • Play alone or with friends in a variety of (online) game modes, including multiplayer co-op
  • The world is made of circles, each with different loot and enemies
  • Hundreds of different creatures, buildings and harvestable resources
  • Units gain XP and level up
  • Six game modes including: Roguelike, King Hunt and Stop the Army
  • 10 new biomes with different bonuses and mechanics
  • 25+ different faction leaders and 40 huntable boss monsters
  • Procedurally generated worlds containing unique flora and fauna
  • Huge range of difficulty options for any skill level

Hello everyone! We're back with a small update addressing some common requests from the community. Leveling up a unit to bonus level 99 was a bit much, so we've changed that, among other things! Without further ado, here are the changes in today's patch: Fixed a memory leak that affects very long games The achievements about bonus levels now require 3 and 10 bonus levels (down from 10 and 99) Losing a PVP match vs higher rated player now loses less points Winning a free-for-all match vs humans (...


Greetings commanders! The Steam Awards are upon us! That wonderful time when we vote on our favorite games of the past year in all sorts of categories. Of course, there's a few that could fit Circle Empires Rivals (Game of the Year, for example), so we had a hard time picking one category. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35983334/2f4395aa960b544768ed0e675e3ecddf7ad252c8.jpg In the end, we think a lot of the cool co-op modes we've made for Rivals are what make it truly special, so we'd like to ask you to vote...


Greetings Commanders! You may have seen our earlier announcement this week about QoL changes, but we've made another one that will make your micro-managing life easier. We're smashing those together in this update, so don't be alarmed when you see the same changes! Improved unit selection & click detection First off, you now have an overview of all the units you have selected when you drag a box around multiple types. Clicking on one of those buttons will only select that unit type! No longer wi...


Hello everyone! A small update today, focusing on quality of life improvements. First and foremost, improved click detection! You ever click on a melee unit, only for the squishy archer behind it to get selected? That was an annoying issue, and could cause problem in your micro, so we greatly improved it! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35983334/59c253721a8bf63c3f92f719564aa188bf6fc4ba.gif Other than that, loading times on booting the game should be improved quite a bit, so you can get into the action quicke...


Greetings everyone Happy Spooktober! That time of year when all sorts of games have special Halloween updates. Turns out that's pretty difficult to do when your game already has pumpkins that spring to life, spooky skeletons, creepy crawlies, and all the other Halloween classics! But, we pulled through! Introducing: Pink Goo Pink Goo might look like delicious strawberry frosting, but it can be deadly to traverse with the wrong units. It slows units that walk across it, more so than water biomes....






  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: 3GHz dual core or 2GHz quad core
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel/AMD Integrated Graphics, 1GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: System requirements may be subject to change.


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