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Circuit Superstars captures the thrills and intensity of motorsport in a charming format that will appeal to racing enthusiasts and new players alike.

The game features a dynamic driving system that’s simple to learn, yet deep and rewarding. That means you can focus on the most exciting aspects of the sport: mastering new tracks, battling wheel-to-wheel for the chequered flag, managing wear and tear, and building your pit strategy.

We're driving hard to make Circuit Superstars into something truly special. We can't reveal all the features yet (there's a very long, very secret list), but here’s a glimpse into what you can expect:

  • A range of series and styles: From 60s-inspired single-seaters, to souped-up GT specials, Circuit Superstars features vehicles and tracks from every motorsport era.
  • A purist approach to motorsport: This isn’t your average racing game - the team developing the game have more than 15 years of real motor racing experience. They’re bringing every bit of that expertise and passion to this project - and you can tell!

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{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35217206/775c85065e0f4f4b5394fc2609bf0f3dd5c89806.png Hello Racers! Since our E3 announcement we’ve been quietly working hard on Circuit Superstars and we’re aware we haven’t given away too much information about the game. Today we’d like to let you in on some of the things we shared with press at our Gamescom behind closed doors hands-on, as well as answer some of your burning questions. If we didn’t answer a question you had, don’t panic - we’ll have more exciting news and a...


Hello Superstars! After such a fantastic reaction to Circuit Superstars’ E3 announcement trailer, we’re delighted to have so many racing fans wanting to learn more about the game. Thank you one and all for your support! We have been inundated with questions. What kind of cars will be in the game? Will there be BETA testing? When will it release etc. We’re in the thick of devel...






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  • OS: tbc


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