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  • Clouzy!

Welcome to Clouzy!, the world’s first daycare dedicated to clouds! Now, we know you may be used to clouds majestically sailing through the sky without a care in the world, but in this magical world, things are a little different, and these little clouds need a lot of love, care, and attention!
You’ll have to learn the little clouds’ tastes and preferences to cook the right meals for them, figure out their preferences for playing, and of course, make sure storms don’t brew on the horizon; some of them don’t play well with each other…
Of course, if you feel a bit overwhelmed, you can always step out for a brisk walk through the world.
In fact, you should go for it regardless! Some clouds have rather particular tastes and the ingredients needed to prepare them can only be found in the wild. Don’t worry about venturing alone, you’ll have a cozy friend to keep you company as you adventure across the world of Clouzy!

The daycare is not the whole world, but rather, the heart of one. Explore, solve puzzles, and restore towering structures to life!

  • An expansive open world to explore, discover, and harvest! If you want to be the best crowd wrangler there is, you’ll have to get out there and collect ingredients!
  • Various biomes to visit, each with their own atmosphere and tasks!
  • Check every nook and cranny to find hidden surprises and make discoveries!

Ever wondered what an aspiring altocumulus would eat? Wonder no more!

  • Each day in the Clouzy! daycare, look after the little bundles of vapor! Learn their preferences and what makes them smile!
  • Clouds need more than just water and sunlight. They need food to thrive, and not just gruel either. You’ll have to find all the fruits and other ingredients needed to make a tiny wisp grow into a proper cloud!
  • It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed when looking after future cirruses, but fret not. Your little companion, whether flying canine, feline, or ailurid pet will help you in your work as a cloud whisperer!

And certainly for the clouds under your care! As you run the daycare, you’ll have to market a fairly robust skill set - more than one would expect from a job that focuses on looking after clouds.

  • You’ll become a master cook. The cooking mechanic and plenty of tasty recipes allow you to whip up tasty meals for your wispy charges - all made using locally sourced ingredients!
  • Every step of the journey is logged in a journal that’s as magical as the world of Clouzy. It’ll track everything you discover, every adventure you go on, and everything else that might come in handy.
  • Of course, you’ll also be able to play with your companion and clouds. A proper work/life balance is essential to allow them to reach for the sky!


Hey everyone! Today’s patch is just going to be a quick hotfix of a couple of important bugs. Version 1.1.7 - Patch Notes: Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where you couldn’t jump after finishing a recipe in the cooker. Fixed a bug in which the latest cooker upgrade stopped working correctly after loading the game. As always thank you for your support and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Tiktok, and join our Discord for more regular updates.


Hey everyone! Thanks for all your support since launch. We’re super happy that everyone is enjoying the game. This time we’re bringing some small bug fixing, see below for more details! Version 1.1.6 - Patch Notes: Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where the controls for the tablet were not indicating the right key. Fixed a bug where gamepad controls for changing between Inventory slots displayed an incorrect button. Fixed a bug in which the “Game of teas” achievement was not working. Fixed a bug where the...


Het everyone! Thank you all so much for your support through our launch day 💛 We couldn't have done this without all of your support. We have our first patch for you all addressing some of the bugs that you all have been reporting. You can report any that you find, as well as talk with our dev team and the community in our Discord! Now onto the patch notes. Version 1.1.1 - Patch Notes: Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where the character was duplicated when petting specific clouds. Fixed a bug where bored...


Clouzy! is finally here! You can get it for 20% off through March 3rd! As you start playing and building your cloud daycare, make sure to leave us a review, letting us know your thoughts! Also consider joining our Discord and following us on Twitter and Tiktok 😃


Hey everyone! Yeray from the Tinymoon team here! We have some exciting news to share: our official release date announcement! Clouzy! will be officially launching on February 24, 2022 on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox! We can’t wait to finally share Clouzy with you all! As always, thank you for all of the love and support you’ve given us since the beginning. If you want to join our community, feel free to join our Discord. We’d love to hear from you all as we get closer and closer to launch! ...






  • OS: Windows Vista or higher
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2 GB Video Memory
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space





  • OS: Windows Vista or higher
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2 GB Video Memory
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


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