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general: Offline For One Player Fighting game like 3rd person challenging fighting game like small computer toys while playing & you can change to you fighter position during fight , special moves , receive score after you win , you can very easily make your any special move or difficult move during fight with any simple keyboard, using keyboard is more fun than x box game pad or pc game pad , but with x box game pad or pc game pad added vibration system , currently there is tow hero characters each character have more than 14 move but soon on new update is coming more characters ,more moves , more enemy & more enemy types

skills: improve your game skills using keyboard or pc gamepad or x box gamepad , improve your speed , improve your mind memory

game play & story:
when you start play game select start new game , on next scene select your pc game pad or x box game pad or keyboard, on next scene select your favorite character , on next scene the story is : ( when dark computer team controlled the computers & computer city , so heroes decide to free the computers & computer city from dark computer team ) , on next scene is map scene for enemy locations the hero should clear all dark computer team from whole computer city so the hero in game chose any plane (randomly) to face dark computer member to fight him on which location should go

after loading scene the start actual game scene , start fight dark computer face to face , if you are lose you can continue and no worry about how many time to continue, and if win you will be ready for facing next dark computer member from map scene until facing the boss of dark computer team and facing him , if you win you on boss then you congratulations the computer city is free and cleared from dark computer team.

good luck





  • OS: Window 10
  • Processor: i5
  • Storage: 16 GB available space





  • OS: Window 10 or up
  • Processor: i5 or up


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