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  • Conan Unconquered
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About This Product

The veteran developers of Command & Conquer have made a strategy game set in the ruthless and savage world of Conan the Barbarian. Construct your own fortress and create an army powerful enough to stand up to the relentless savage hordes which don't stop coming. This is Conan Unconquered, a strategy game developed by Petroglyph and published by Funcom.

In order to survive the assault of hordes of enemies that only get more powerful with time, players need to manage their resources tactically, create all kinds of structures to keep your stronghold safe and sound, discover new technologies which will help you create more advanced units and buildings, and recruit an army. Connan Unconquered can be played alone or in full two-player co-op that gives you the chance of facing the ominous threat with a friend, rather than alone. The co-op mode gives the players a shared base, but both the players can create new buildings and grow an immense army in order to fend against another horde of monsters.

The game is a real-time strategy, but you can pause at any moment to order the construction of a new building or to give commands to your army. Heroes can also be used in this game, and like Conan, they are mighty units that have special abilities and artifacts which can be found throughout the world. Regular units include footsoldiers, heavy cavalry, and even sorcerers. Players need to train them and keep them fed and paid in order to transform them into an unstoppable army.

Even the bodies left behind by your and enemy soldiers present a threat. Their carcasses will remain on the battlefield and rot away, which spreads diseases, and necromancers can use these rotten corpses in horrifying ways. Maps are randomly generated so each time you play the game you get a new environment to explore which has ancient ruins that are guarded by huge guardians. You even have the option of building a temple dedicated to Mitra and then use her aid to summon gigantic avatars that can utterly destroy your enemies.


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  • Additional Notes: To be announced
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Nominations for the Steam Awards have opened up! You can vote for any game sold on the Steam Store and we would love it if you would consider giving Conan Unconquered a nomination in the "Better With Friends 2019" category. Or any other category you think fits! Just click the circle in the box above...


Hello everyone! We're releasing a small patch with a few fixes and tweaks which you can read about below: PATCH NOTES Issue corrected where difficulty would be reset when switching scenarios. Easy mode now spawns 20% fewer enemies. Corrected achievement to properly count skeletons towards goal. Impr...


If you fancy spending the weekend surrounded by beefy barbarians—and who doesn't?—then you're in luck. Funcom's hosting a free weekend for all of its Conan games on Steam. Technically, there are three of them, though Age of Conan: Unchained has been free-to-play since 20...

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Alessandro Ferrari
Alessandro Ferrari
Great rts with super gameplay and nice scenarios.Enemies are wonderful
Earned 5 Gems for review
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