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CONSCRIPT is an upcoming survival horror game inspired by classics of the genre - set in 1916 during the Great War. CONSCRIPT will blend all the punishing mechanics of older horror games into a cohesive, tense, and unique experience.

In CONSCRIPT, you play as a French soldier searching for his missing-in-action brother during the Battle of Verdun. Will you be able to search twisted trenches, navigate overrun forts, and cross no-mans-land to find him, and ensure a home goes unbroken?

  • Experience classic and methodical survival horror gameplay in a unique historical setting: the Battle of Verdun.
  • Fend off enemy soldiers and disturbing psychological manifestations with a variety of melee weapons and firearms.
  • Navigate intricate level design that promotes item management and route planning, whilst solving complex environmental puzzles.
  • Survive in an intense, harrowing atmosphere boosted by a unique pixel art aesthetic and oppressive sound design.
  • Three distinct areas that intertwine and overlap.
  • Highly re-playable with multiple difficulty settings, alternate scenarios and bonus weapons.

Hey everyone! Thought I'd share some new content from my 2022 devlogs here as a Steam update - as I know some of you probably don't follow me across all platforms. Mild spoiler warnings apply, of course. First, here's a mini trailer I put together for the #PitchYaGame event on Twitter. And here's some new miscellaneous screenshots from development! Again, these may be considered mild spoilers. The focus here is on showcasing the environment variety of CONSCRIPT. Initially I had planned on having...


Hey soldiers! Hope you've all been enjoying the new demo over spooky season. v0.2.0.5 of the CONSCRIPT Demo is now live. This patch contains quite a few changes in response to feedback I've gathered over the past two weeks. v0.2.0.5 Major changes made to melee durability system. Melee weapons still have durability but they are not discarded upon breaking (you can still do that manually in the inventory if you want). Broken weapons can still be used but their power is greatly reduced and you can ...


The new CONSCRIPT DEMO is now live! Just in time for Melbourne International Games Week and the Steam Next Fest. What are the differences between the 2020 & 2021 demo? New intro sequence & areas to explore. New combat mechanics. New movement mechanics. New items and equipment. New enemy types and enemy AI improvements. Trade items and upgrade weapons at the merchant. Map system improvements. Unlimited save and checkpoint options. Countless bug fixes, UX improvemen...


Hey everyone! On 5:00pm October 3rd (PDT) I'll be doing hosting a livestream showcasing some new CONSCRIPT gameplay as part of Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW). Make sure to tune in - I'll just be casually playing through the begining of the game, talking and answering any questions you may have. It has been a while since I've done a livestream so I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone. Thanks soldiers! See you there.


ATTENTION SOLDIERS! I'm proud to announce that CONSCRIPT will be taking part in the Steam Next Fest this October! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37541422/f267d6da961b4f20e8a7033bd32d944f9f479f07.png Starts: Friday, October 1st, 2021 @ 10AM PDT Ends: Thursday, October 7th, 2021 @ 10AM PDT I have prepared a new demo that I will debut during this event! This build will contain the first hour or so of CONSCRIPT in its most polished form yet to date. I've put in a lot of work for this so I hope you all enjoy. Wh...

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