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  • Construct: Escape the System
  • Construct: Escape the System
  • Construct: Escape the System
  • Construct: Escape the System
  • Construct: Escape the System
  • Construct: Escape the System
  • Construct: Escape the System
  • Construct: Escape the System
  • Construct: Escape the System
About This Product
Construct: Escape the System is a sci-fi themed first person platformer that sees you trapped in a computer system, trying to escape.

Explore the system and locate the 8 empowering 'ability orbs'. Find and download the 5 'player upgrades'. Seek out and extract the 16 'system core power orbs'. Do all this and maybe you can escape.

Key features

- 4-6 hours of first person platforming gameplay with puzzle elements.
- Gameplay is a combination of exploration, platforming and careful thinking.

- 8 unique ability orbs to locate.
- Puzzle gameplay e.g. power inactive machinery with 'machine orbs' and light up dark areas with 'sun orbs'.
- Action gameplay e.g. change gravity direction with 'gravity switch orbs' and move rapidly around areas with 'teleport orbs'.

- 5 player upgrades to download.
- Action platforming e.g. upgrade your abilities to allow advanced jumping and boosting.

- 16 system core power orbs to extract.
- Unlock the various areas of the computer system to find and extract the power orbs from the dangerous system core areas.

- 57 unique gameplay areas split between 4 different zones, standard areas, system core areas and upgrade areas.
- 4 unique zone themes: Zone A (City), Zone B (Landscape), Zone C (Abstract) and Zone D (Spherical).

- Multiple render modes: Default, Negative, Monochrome Default and Monochrome Negative.
- Adjustable graphics options: Bloom, Depth of Field, Sun Shafts, Camera Motion Blur, Camera Noise, Chromatic Aberration and Water Quality.

- Keyboard and mouse support (3 button mouse required).
- Xbox 360 controller support.

- Excellent sci-fi soundtrack by Imphenzia.

- Built with Unity 5.
  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
Recent updates

Construct: Escape the System is now available on Mac and Linux! :D Additionally, the Windows version has been updated so that all 3 versions have all the latest fixes and changes. Here is a list of all the changes to the game since the last update: ---------------------------------------------------...


We're pleased to announce that a demo of the first level of the game is now available for Windows PC! :D If you're interested in 'Construct: Escape the System' but are not quite sure, then please do have a go of the game and see what you think! The demo may also be useful for Steam users that would ...


We are pleased to announce that the new name for 'CONSTRUCT' is 'Construct: Escape the System'. The decision to rename the game has been taken as a result of various issues regarding other similarly named games and engine tools that are also available on Steam. In addition to the new name, the game ...

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Release Date
Dec. 2, 2016
Action , Adventure , Indie
Oliver Boyce
Some of the owners
Steam name: Quantum
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Steam name: X iP DAiLY X
Steam name: Psi
Steam name: _ChepChep_
Steam name: Hezeki Chroma
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