Counter-Strike, or more commonly known to the world as just CS, is the very first game in the popular online multiplayer series known as Counter-Strike. The game was ported to Xbox in 2003, and it fully launched on the OS X and Linux in April 2013.

In this game, which was originally a mod, players pick teams, either the terrorists or the counter-terrorists, and they try to accomplish their missions.

Terrorists have to do as their name describes best, conduct various heinous acts and entice terror. Terrorists will try to plant bombs and take hostages, while the other team tries to stop them. Players that pick the Counter-terrorists have to prevent the terrorists from accomplishing their missions, so your job will be to defuse bombs and save hostages.

At the end of each round in this game, players get rewarded. Your rewards will increase in accordance with your performance in the previous match, and the in-game currency that you get is used to buy more powerful weapons.

Counter-Strike was a mod for Half-Life and it was created by two people, Minh "Gooseman" Le and Jess "Cliffe" Cliffe. Later down the line, the game's intellectual property was claimed by Valve Corporation, the developers of Half-Life, the game whose assets were used when this mode was first created.

Coaches eh? They’re meant to be a great help for improving your game, but it seems some sneaky Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams have taken that to mean peeking where they’re not allowed during high-stakes competitive games. Now, the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) is raking through years of demos to find these meddlesome cameramen, with the suggestion that they might go easy on folks who own up to their crimes. (more…)


An update for Counter-Strike is now available: Fixes and Updates Fixed viewdemo command crashing for certain demo files Fixed ammo boxes visibly spawning when purchasing ammo Security fix to client disconnect handling Security fixes to console command handling Security fix to client/server communications Security fix to model loading Security fixes to BSP and WAD loading Setting _cl_autowepswitch to 2 will now enable auto weapon switching on pickup of a better weapon except when holding Primary ...


I frequent a Counter-Strike level design forum called Mapcore. There, a Dutch teenager who goes by “RD” (“RealDespair”) has long claimed to have been the original author of fy_iceworld. His now defunct portfolio site went on a lengthy rant about it: “Yes, you read it right. I am the creator of this unholy monster. When i created this map i had absolutely no idea how popular it would become. It is sad that there are many txt files in rotation from kids that claim t...


I remember playing a Counter-Strike map in 2001 called fy_iceworld. It was a small simple grey killbox of a map that virtually anyone could’ve made within the first few hours of downloading the editor tools. fy_iceworld quickly became one of the most popular and divisive CS maps at my school. I was, of course, one of the haters. I tried to convince my friends to vote against fy_iceworld on our local internet cafe’s CS server, but they argued that I was just salty about being bad at...


While Counter-Strike has long seemed one of those games that might just have found its final form and will now be around forever, I am surprised that it’s still breaking its own records. Over the weekend, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive set a new record for the number of people in-game online at the same time, beating a record set in April 2016. That was back before CS:GO went free-to-play, mind, but it’s taken a year for free CS to climb up and topple that mighty record. 901,681 ...




Minimum: 500 mhz processor, 96mb ram, 16mb video card, Windows XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

Recommended: 800 mhz processor, 128mb ram, 32mb+ video card, Windows XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection



Minimum: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3, 1GB RAM, 4GB Hard Drive Space,NVIDIA GeForce 8 or higher, ATI X1600 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection



Minimum: Linux Ubuntu 12.04, Dual-core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz, 1GB Memory, nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600/3600 (Graphic Drivers: nVidia 310, AMD 12.11), OpenGL 2.1, 4GB Hard Drive Space, OpenAL Compatible Sound Card

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