Crystal Towers 2 XL

  • Crystal Towers 2 XL
Crystal Towers 2 XL is an adventure platform game inspired by the shareware of the 90s. Join Bernard the monk as he makes his way through the hostile reaches of the kingdom on a quest to recover the sacred instruments that hold the world's music together.

This XL edition is a partially remade version of the original game from 2011, adapting the game for widescreen as well as improving a host of things that were missing the first time around.

  • Nearly 300 individual challenges, enough to last more than your lifetime (if you're a medium-sized insect)
  • Steam Achievements - some of which aren't patronizing and useless!
  • Absolutely no water or ice levels!
  • The Synthesizer, which lets you create magic artefacts to help you on your quest with mere hours of grinding for items!
  • Use the Music Castle's free wifi to post your scorecard online and laugh at your lesser friends!
  • The engine behind Five Nights at Freddy's doing something that isn't lastingly traumatic!
  • Programmer art galore!

Thanks to everyone for not coming at me with a mob when the Indiegala keys failed to appear - after a long delay, I received an email from them this morning saying that the keys are now available on your account and that they'll be posting an announcement on their side later today! If you've already emailed me for a key, feel free to pass the duplicate key on to anyone else who you think would enjoy the game. David


This won't be enormous news to people who already own the game, but Crystal Towers 2 now has a demo on Steam as well, the equivalent of the old free version. In it, you can play up until the second boss - a fair amount of the game! Saves made using the demo will carry over to the full version.


Hi again - I made a tiny change to the game today to properly support joysticks that only have one D-pad, another thing that slipped past my testing. If this now fails to pick up your other joysticks, please shout as loud as possible! I was also interviewed by Clickteam for their Indie Game Creators site, about making games in Fusion - and I don't know how they got hold of that profile picture they used for me :)


Last night I joined the ranks of developers who release a game and then issue a patch the day after - shame on me! But when you're just one person writing a game with a couple of testers, some things are bound to slip through. I removed a small bug that could turn you into a zero-health zombie in Ironworks B, which produced interesting but undesirable results. I've also added an option to run the game at 60 frames per second instead of the default 50 - a couple of people I talked to were having ...


The new edition of Crystal Towers 2 is now available! Thanks again to everyone who supported this game through bundles and in Greenlight - I hope you enjoy the new version. If you bought the game through Indiegala, you should be receiving a Steam key from them shortly.




  • OS: XP
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
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