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Curious Expedition 2 is a turn-based narrative roguelike that requires players to manage their resources and party members to keep insanity at bay and find glory.

A grand discovery has been made: mysterious islands have begun to appear and vanish from the oceans as if by magic. The great Explorer Clubs are funding expeditions to these strange islands to bring treasures back for the 1889 World's Fair in Paris. Are you bold enough to join the adventure?

Key Features:

  • Explore procedurally generated worlds in a variety of biomes, each featuring a new combination of dangers and opportunities.
  • Manage your resources to keep your trek alive and sanity high. Balance greed against your survival needs to find glory without perishing.
  • Procedural storytelling makes every adventure unique. Your characters form relationships, change loyalty, acquire illnesses, and more in response to the environment and your decisions.
  • Embark on an epic campaign that combines procedural gameplay with handcrafted story to create a narrative experience that can be played again and again.
  • Dice-based combat mechanics will require all your cleverness to survive fierce wild animals and legendary creatures.
  • Join weekly online competitions and pledge yourself to an Explorer Club to compete for unique rewards.
  • Outfit your party members with equippable gear to create builds that can take on any challenge.
  • Set off on a variety of expedition types, each with their own unique goal and events. Will you seek out the legendary Golden Pyramid or choose to recover the Rainbow Orchid instead?
  • Discover mysterious locations and come across all manner of unique cultures, flora, fauna, treasures and more.
  • 4K-native graphics inspired by classic Franco-Belgian comics.
  • Veteran Curious Expedition players will discover plenty of new content: new items, character types, enemies, biomes, tribes, events, and much more!

Today's patch has includes a change to the Cartography ability that's shared by the Cartographer and Seeker. We love the Cartography playstyle that revolves around exploring the entire map using items like the Sextant and Theodolite - but both our internal stats and your feedback showed that the fame you could get from the maps created was significantly higher than that for the other Leader classes. Those classes now should be more in line with the fame-generating abilities of the other class-sp...


If you were affected by the issue where you got a "Your Trek Perished" game-over screen after a successful combat, you might be able to restore a backup savegame from before the combat and continue your campaign. Check out your savegame folder at "C:/Users/ /AppData/LocalLow/Maschinen-Mensch/Curious Expedition 2/user" (replacing with your windows username). You should see some files that end with the '.bak' extension - remove that extension and load the savegame, it should be from before the com...


Probably the biggest change for today's patch is that the loyalty loss that you get when dismissing a character during an expedition no longer happens if the character being dismissed was only recently recruited. Hopefully this should prevent the frustration when you recruit more characters than you can have and are forced to dismiss one - now you can always dismiss the most recently recruited and not suffer the rest of your party being rather upset. Other than that, we've hopefully fixed the re...


Dear Explorers, Lunar New Year 2021 is starting on Friday, and in terms of the Chinese zodiac animal it's going to be the Year of the Ox. When we found out about this a while ago we immediately knew this would be a fantastic opportunity for a special hat reward for this week's Club Competition. So here it is, the Heavenly Ox (which is actually more of a mask than a hat): {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34614898/57c2fbbe4ec994862bfe7290027abf9a10652ca5.png Club Competition FAQ Is this hat providing any advant...


Just a small update today to fix some issues where Shrine aftermaths would totally ruin the expedition (though maybe it's a good idea to plan ahead when daring to anger the gods...?) Fixed issue where flood aftermaths often wouldn't sweep you away to a new tile, leaving you stuck either on the water or somewhere else unreachable Fixed issue where aftermaths that move you to a new tile (eg flood, chasm) would often place you somewhere unreachable. Now they always place you somewhere that you can ...






  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX10 compatible video card
  • Storage: 3 GB available space


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