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In Dap, you must guide a group of tiny ‘Daps’ through a hostile and corrupted world. Something has descended onto the forest - something incomprehensible, sinister, slithering in from a crack in reality. It’s up to you to get everybody home.

Explore a lushly atmospheric pixelated world, guiding your Daps through a permeable realm on the border between dreaming and waking. Encounter otherworldly horrors, interdimensional entities, and gods that have no business being worshipped.

Band together to solve puzzles and fight off hellish threats. The more Daps you gather, the stronger the pack will become, but beware: Daps are not immune to infection. Linger too long in the wrong place and the pack will turn on itself, with horrific consequences.

Ascend to the spirit world and tend your garden there, taking a much needed break between levels. Meanwhile down on the ground, you’ll need to scavenge and craft in order to survive. Use every resource available to survive an existential ordeal.

As we are nearing one month of Dap, we have put out a small update of minor bug fixes. The game has been quite stable which we are happy with of course but if you do come across any bugs or crashes, don't hesitate to let us know! Thank you to everyone for playing Dap and supporting us. Every review means a lot! Fixes include: - Fixed bug that won't allow use of the energy blast ability when switching mouse buttons. - Fixed visual bug on reloading last save file. - Fixed bass levels on a couple o...


Hey everyone! As developers from Melbourne, Australia, we are happy to be showing Dap at Melbourne International Games Week 2021! To celebrate we will be live streaming Dap! You can tune in here from our steam page. The event happens on the 30th September until 4th of October. Enjoy, and if you haven't yet, play our FREE PROLOGUE to get a feel for Dap's atmosphere.


At last, it's nearly horror games month-eve and so even the concept of friendship must become frightening. Pikmin-like action puzzler game Dap is all about collecting your Dap pals and attempting to lead them home out of a spooky dream world forest without being consumed by Dap infighting. The nightmare has begun today, so you can lead your own Dap pack out of the woods right now if that's your thing. Read more


Finally it's time - Dap is out! A big Thank You goes to to all our supporters no matter how big or small. The making of this game has been a very personal journey for the two of us. We're proud of what we have made and are very excited to show this game to the world. Here is a brand new atmospheric trailer:


Broadcasting gameplay leading up to our launch!!






  • OS: Windows 10


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